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Medical: How much we paying for Physical check ups ?

Discussion in 'Visa Bulletin and Priority Dates Retrogression Iss' started by ohiogc, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. ohiogc

    ohiogc Registered Users (C)

    Reading thru different post, I find that physical check up cost could vary from $85 to almost $500. I am in Cincinnati area the cheapest I could find is $185 plus $50 for X-rays if needed. Immunization are extra depending what are needed. I saw someone in Dallas area paid only $85. Wish I could find someone in Ohio :). Share how much you end up paying for it.
  2. gravitation

    gravitation Registered Users (C)

    My paid $200 in Framingham, MA with all immunizations included. I didn't need chex X-rays as skin test was -ve.
  3. clockwork

    clockwork Registered Users (C)

    I paid $205 per person which includes immunization shots. I had to pay $85 for x-ray. If you have time, you can schedule your immunization shot ahead of time which can be covered by your insurance.This should bring down the cost. I hope, it helps. Thanks
  4. eb3_485

    eb3_485 Registered Users (C)

    paid $255 in VA
  5. agron

    agron Registered Users (C)

    Just called a doctor in Camp Hill, PA. I was told by the receptionist that according to INS standards immunizations including TB test need to be done at the doctors office. You can't bring in paperwork from your family physician. Is that true????
    Can someone who have already done it in the Camp Hill, Harrisburg area refer me to a doctor where I can take my paperwork with me.

  6. agron

    agron Registered Users (C)

    Which immunizations are actually needed. Where do I find the list?????


  7. FunLover2000

    FunLover2000 Registered Users (C)

    I paid $140 for adult and $70 for child in El Monte, Los Angeles, CA which includes any immunizations. X-Rays are $50.
  8. FunLover2000

    FunLover2000 Registered Users (C)


    My doctor honoured our records. I went to Kaiser (Our healthcare) obtained records before going to the USCIS certified physician.

    Immunizations: Does your doctor quoted immunizations seperately? They generally should honor your record. No body wants to repeatedly immunized. Shop around for other doctors. If you don't have some nearby, ask the effects of multiple immunizations and let him give it in writing. As a patient, you do have right of information. May be this would help rethinking of Doctor the benefit of getting money through immunizations or getting sued later. Even if the doctor don't want to honor the record, he can conduct a blood test to know what all immunizations are needed. You must play. For you its your health, for him its money.

    TB Test: If any thing older than 1 year, it is surely not valid. My doctor conducted TB test again for my spouse, despite she had the same 9 months before saying the test is not conducted in the same calendar year!

    P.S. - I am just sharing my thoughts....
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  9. Antilope

    Antilope Registered Users (C)

    Don't worry about that, the immigration doctor you go to will have the right forms and will know exactly what you need. If you've taken any immunizations in the past...actually if you have records of ANY immunizations bring them with you (receipts, forms, anything). Some childhood ones don't need to be retaken, some do, etc. Bring whatever you have with you and the doctor will know what to do from there.

    Everytime I see people on here talking about how much they paid for their physical I want to scream because I got robbed when I went for mine. Can't remember the exact amount now (my brain is trying to erase unpleasant memories:D )but it was something like 4-500 AND I more than half of my vaccines were up to date so god knows how much I would've paid had that not been the case.
  10. techbuyer77

    techbuyer77 Registered Users (C)

    250 / each cash only
  11. mysticbeach

    mysticbeach Registered Users (C)

    200/each (including X-ray). My insurence paid for lab work. Doctor accepted our immunization records.
  12. sfmars

    sfmars Registered Users (C)

    My experience

    I have PPO insurance, I got a list of INS approved civil surgeons in my state. I found that there are at least 5 of them who patricipate in my insurance. Called those 5 doctors and asked how much it is going to cost, if insurance can be involved and when I can get envelopes.

    The price range was 120$-170$ without X-Ray and without vaccinations, most of them wanted to get cash or check as payment and did not want to have insurance involved.

    Only couple of them said we accept credit cards VISA or MC, and file claims to the insurance. I chose one 150$ per adult, paid by credit card, doctor did exam, they took blood test for analysis was taken in his office, that was included in that 150$. Vaccinations and skin test we did in county clinic which he reffered. The price for shots and skin test was 50 dollars for 2 adults and one kid total (we did not do X-Ray). In a couple of days I got skin test checked (negative) and in 3 days got sealed envelopes from the doctor's office. I checked today that insurance paid doctor's services.
  13. gcnanban

    gcnanban Registered Users (C)

    SF Bay area - $250 per person excludes $50 for X-Ray

    SF Bay area - $250 per person Includes everything excludes $50 for X-Ray.
    Cash only. But Bill provided so that you can try claiming from insurance.
  14. lfgc

    lfgc Registered Users (C)

    Went to a doc in Fairfield area...near Jungle Jim's...Dr.Nguyen...charged $125/person for medical checkup only...overall ok.
  15. eromero

    eromero Registered Users (C)

    $100 san jose -california

    Xray 50$, immunizations honored by the civil surgeon, I got obtained the immunization list from palo alto medical foundation.

    the $100 mecdical exam included the TB test and HIV test.
  16. pa_arora

    pa_arora Registered Users (C)

    eromero, can u provide details of the doctor, this is really cheap. one of my friends got done in Fremont and he paid $200 per person without xry and immunization.
  17. belacut

    belacut Registered Users (C)

    We paid 250 per person at Columbus OHIO. Including x-ray for my wife.
    Also, we have no immunization record/history, so we went to local department of health to get the shots free of charge. (As long as you can proof you are a local resident) that is free.
  18. ohiogc

    ohiogc Registered Users (C)

    Thanks lfgc, I am going to check Dr. Nguyen's office day. That seems reasonable fee. Where did you got your immunizations? I heard you can get at a very nominal fee in Cincinnati downtown Health dept.
  19. lfgc

    lfgc Registered Users (C)

    We got the immunizations at the Montgomery County Health Dept. (we're from Dayton). Sure, there is a nominal fee...the Hep-B shot is costly though...our insurance was not acceptable there...I think it's $50...this, you can also get at your Family Physician's office for no cost as it'll be covered by your insurance.
  20. Padosan

    Padosan Registered Users (C)

    $175 (no x-ray or anything) in Houston (Hillcroft). The doctor was annoying with a poor sense of humor. Kept talking for no reason and made me wait for long.

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