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Maximum rank number seen per continent in DV-2012, July version

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by raevsky, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. raevsky

    raevsky Registered Users (C)

    This is an attempt to figure out some strange things.
    1. First of all, May visa bulletin references a cutoff from Europe as 40,000
    2. Nobody has ever seen EU rank number larger than EU31,999.

    My suspision is maximum numbers ever seen in this lottery (DV-2012) per continents are:
    Africa 66,453
    Asia 81,616
    Europe 32,000
    Oceainia 1,739
    South America 1,589

    Let's see how close my suspicion to reality is.
    Please post your approximate numbers here (you can x-out two last digits)

    My suspicion is also there are unpublished numbers, like numbers between 32,000 and 40,000 for Europe.
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  2. jayo2k

    jayo2k Registered Users (C)

    may first winner kept their numbers
  3. bichop

    bichop Registered Users (C)

    who knows maybe May 1st selectees still have a chance to process.

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