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LNU - Last Name Unknown issue

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by Aswin78, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Aswin78

    Aswin78 New Member

    Hello, In my passport SurName is empty and GivenName is xxxx yyyyy. When i applied for green card , i had given First Name : xxxx yyyyy and Last Name : LNU. (My SSN , Employment , Bank Accounts etc are in this format) . My EAD and AP has name as LNU, xxxx yyyyy. Will there be any problem if i travel abroad?. Will the port of entry people mistake LNU as my last name and tell that the name in passport and AP doesn't match?. Please let me know. Also, I remember seeing one PDF article from USCIS or DOL which tells about the usage of LNU and FNU. Do anyone has a copy of it ? Or Help me to locate it ?. Thanks.
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  2. amitkoh

    amitkoh Registered Users (C)

    what is your Surname or do you not have one for some reason ?
  3. Dallas03096

    Dallas03096 Registered Users (C)

  4. Aswin78

    Aswin78 New Member

    Hello, Thanks for your reply. I don't have any surname and i have two first names xxxx yyyyy. Thats why i was having LNU in my names. Since my documents followed that pattern , i have LNU,xxxx yyyy as my names in all documents except my passport.
  5. Aswin78

    Aswin78 New Member

    Still searching for document related to LNU and FNU. I found one attorney handbook for District court which states the accronyms LNU and FNU. http://www.mad.uscourts.gov/attorneys/pdf/Attorney_Guide.pdf . But still searching for the actual PDF which i had seen in one of these forumns. It was like a USCIS memo.. Still searching...

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