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LLC on H1B for Real Estate Investment

Discussion in 'Starting and Doing Business in USA' started by Dajjo, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Dajjo

    Dajjo Registered Users (C)

    Can I setup an LLC for my real estate investments which has passive income? I am on H1B currently. I want to protect my assets as well as enjoy the benefits of a business owner. Please help.
  2. Dajjo

    Dajjo Registered Users (C)

    JoeF, I am setting up the LLC only to protect my assets. No one will be working active. RE income is passive (rental income). It would be single person LLC and I would be manager though I wont be working. So basically I have rental property and I setup an LLC and tranfer the ownership to my LLC to protect my personal assets. What do you think now?

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