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Lets start a email campaign

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by isGCtheKey?, May 28, 2004.

  1. isGCtheKey?

    isGCtheKey? Registered Users (C)

    Lets start a new email campaign

    Here's what i am proposing to write to the Ombudsman
    Your inputs are appreciated

    Respected Sir,

    I filed my 485 application in the 1st week of October 2002 and have completed my fingerprinting in the 2nd week of December of 2002. Also per the FBI office my name check was cleared on the 29th of December 2002.

    Since them I have applied for 3 Employment authorization cards and Advance Parole documents in order to work legally in the US and maintain my status. My H1B visa has expired in July 2003. This is impacting me severely in my ability to make economic as well as social decisions for my family.

    It is with great frustration I have to write this email to you about the processing of the cases. It is not being done in a fair manner. There are applications that have been filed in early 2003 to late May 2003 that are being processed and approved while immigrants like me and also immigrants who filed a year before me are still waiting for their cases to be touched. This is totally unfair.

    I request you to look in this matter urgently.
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  2. cinta

    cinta Registered Users (C)


    This is really good. Send individual e-mails to his central office at CISO@DHS.gov
  3. isGCtheKey?

    isGCtheKey? Registered Users (C)

    Also BCC to : Prakash.Khatri@dhs.gov

    Guys lets show these guys the power of this board.

    I urge all members of this board, registered or unregistered to send their individual case timeline to them and make them at least notice the impact of their decisions ! Who know's when sleeping at night they may consider our problems and have change of heart ! :) :> (just whishfull thinking but you never know)
  4. cinta

    cinta Registered Users (C)



    Can you post this to all other forums? We can start the campaign from today for one or two weeks!

    Ombudsman's Office Ready to Handle Complaints About Immigration Services

    As part of the reorganization that created the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the
    USCIS, Congress also created the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman to assist
    individuals and employers in resolving problems with the USCIS. To ensure the Ombudsman's
    independence, Congress provided that the head of the office would report directly to the Deputy
    Secretary for DHS, and not the Director of the USCIS. Mr. Prakash Khatri, an immigration lawyer
    and naturalized citizen, assumed the position of Ombudsman in July 2003.
    The Ombudsman is responsible for identifying problems and proposing changes in administrative
    practices relating to immigration services. Every June 30, the Ombudsman must also produce a
    report to Congress that will provide analysis, statistical information, a detailing of pervasive prob-lems,
    recommendations for improving services, and actions taken to correct problems. Addition-ally,
    the Ombudsman is to develop guidance for all officers and employees of USCIS that outlines
    the criteria for referrals to the Ombudsman, including telephone numbers that the office must pub-lish
    and make available to individuals and employers.
    During the first few months after his office opened, the Ombudsman visited several USCIS districts
    to evaluate processes and operations. He also met with members of Congress, USCIS employees,
    representatives of CBOs, other non-profit organizations, and the American Immigration Lawyers
    Association. Additionally, the Office has received comments by e-mail and letters. In the coming
    months, the Ombudsman plans to continue to meet with individuals and employers who are having
    problems with USCIS by participating in meetings and organizing "Town Halls" across the country.
    Based on these meetings, the Ombudsman has documented and analyzed problems that individuals
    and employers are having in dealing with the USCIS, and is recommending major changes to a
    number of key programs that affect large numbers of applicants. The Ombudsman expects that the
    proposed changes will dramatically reduce the current processing time for adjustment of status and
    the renewal and replacement of permanent resident cards. USCIS is currently developing pilot
    programs based on the recommendations.
    The Ombudsman's Office does not currently have sufficient funding to establish local offices or
    fully staff a national phone number. As it stands, you may forward concerns to the central
    Ombudsman's Office at CISO@DHS.gov or Department of Homeland Security, Office of the CIS
    Ombudsman, Washington, DC 20528. The NALEO Educational Fund will continue to advocate
    for additional resources to assist the Office in operationg effectively.
  5. dsatish

    dsatish Registered Users (C)

    It's a good idea. We definitely need to work hard on this campaign. We can start it during this long week-end (starting from now). When ever people are free, they should send an email to CISO@DHS.gov with a cc to Prakash.Khatri@dhs.gov . People can slightly modify the version prepared by GctheKey and send the Email. Let's do it during this week-end.
  6. isGCtheKey?

    isGCtheKey? Registered Users (C)

    How many of you sent an email to the OMBUDSMAN/KHATRI ?
    Any responsed ? I did not even get an ack of my email.
  7. tyzh

    tyzh Registered Users (C)

    In general I would against such waste of resources on all sides. If you have to do it, for whatever reason, I suggest you hire lawyer or at least have a native speaker check spelling, grammer and writing style in general.
  8. Edison

    Edison Registered Users (C)

    The title looks like just a proposal to start a campaign, it doesn't look like campaign. Please start a separate thread for campaign with appropriate title, start and end date of campaign also include all the required info and sample letter on the first message. It is also better to request confimation of participation by members.

  9. cinta

    cinta Registered Users (C)



    There are no official rules for this game as this is individual e-mails to Mr Khatri. People have the right to complain to him as well as otherts in any way possible. If any organisation (including ImmigrationPortal.org) want to complain also that is even better. In fact, the source of his central e-mail is from such an organisation, posted in DHS / Issues and others that have addressed similar issues before. The lack of an answer is irrelevant. The whole issue is to complain to somebody that can and may play a role, and is also accountable to the Congress (June 30 report). The timing is relevant to the promised Backlog Reduction Plan , coming up in June, but already obvious through the memos and the concurrent adjudication...

    SAMPLE: (courtesy of "www.ilw.com", Paparelli letter posted before.
    The following article is a modified version of an open letter written to Mr. Prakash Khatri, Ombudsman, USCIS.

    I am writing to you as USCIS Ombudsman to begin the first of a number of open letters on how the administration of our immigration laws can be improved. As the nation's first USCIS Ombudsman, you have the legal authority and the "in-the-trenches" prior expertise to transform the government's delivery of immigration services to the public. It presents a truly unparalleled opportunity for positive change.

    To begin this dialogue with you, I am offering a bit of immigration institutional history. Attached is a copy of an April 21, 1980 memorandum issued by then Southern Regional Commissioner, Durward E. Powell, Jr., and it is included in the hope that it may serve as an antidote to the current "culture of no" that prevails within much of DHS's immigration bureaus, and to counteract the lingering effects of the former Commissioner Ziglar's now-revoked "zero tolerance policy". (By the way, I note my indebtedness to my colleagues in AILA's Texas Chapter, and particularly to Eugene Flynn, for having brought this memorandum to recent public attention.)

    The Legacy INS memo, addressed to district directors and officers in charge of the Southern Region on dispensing of information and adjudications decision making, urged INS employees to approach clients in a friendly, professional manner with the attitude of looking to approve petitions. The memorandum makes certain points that today seem forgotten or never fully learned by many among the current cadre of both veteran and newly-minted adjudicators:

    Most petitioners, applicants and beneficiaries who seek legal benefits under the immigration laws are "honest, hard-working people, not interested in fraud or obtaining any benefit for which they cannot qualify";

    "[O]bjectivity and professionalism on the job" are essential requirements for immigration adjudicators;

    "The [government] decision maker in adjudicating applications and petitions should not attitudinally approach the process, either consciously or unconsciously, in an adversary process or looking for a reason to deny"; and

    "[Adjudicators] with [their] broad knowledge of law and policy, [should all] approach [applications and petitions] attitudinally, in a friendly professional manner, looking for a way to approve them."
    Sadly, these four precepts are only occasionally observed in the USCIS of today. Instead, practitioners hear reports that USCIS is taking steps to develop and implement its own fraud-investigation capabilities, notwithstanding that Congress, in enacting the Homeland Security Act, put investigative and enforcement powers in other units within DHS. In my view, a focus on the ferreting out of suspected fraud will only distract from the USCIS's overriding mission, the provision of immigration benefits, and add to the growing backlogs of undecided cases.

    This is not to suggest, however, that fraud should go unpunished. Rather, I believe that petitions and applications should be promptly decided on the basis of the evidence in the record, and that suspected fraud should be promptly reported to immigration enforcement agencies for investigation, trial on the merits, and punishment in deserving cases.

    USCIS adjudicators should therefore focus on embodying the four precepts of former Regional Commissioner Powell as the best means of tackling the enormous backlogs in petitions and applications. They should not unilaterally anoint themselves as immigration G-men and G-women and thereby defy the Congressional will.

    I write to ask that you confer with appropriate national officers within USCIS so that USCIS and your office may formally reaffirm, in a new jointly-issued national policy memorandum, the principles espoused by Regional Commissioner Powell.
  10. GC092002

    GC092002 Registered Users (C)

    I got reply from Cleo.Kung@dhs.gov

    It has an attached letter in format of word document file.
    the letter says
    Thank you for you for contacting our office on June 1, 2004. In order to assist you, we will need additional information about your case. Please provide us with as much of the following information as possible:

    Your full name.
    Your date and country of birth.
    Your alien registration number (“A Number”).
    The exact filing date of your I-485 application.
    The receipt number for your I-485 application.

    As soon as we receive your response, we will evaluate your situation and if appropriate, forward your inquiry to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for further action.

    Please send your response to our office by mail at the above address or by electronic mail to: cisombudsman@dhs.gov.

    Thank you for your inquiry. We look forward to assisting you after we receive the details on your case.
    The letter has signature of Prakash Khatri.

    Should I send the details?
    Has anyone got the response and sent back such details.
    I sent the letter almost same as per given format on this forum.
    Pl. update.

  11. suryapet.org

    suryapet.org Registered Users (C)

    I also got the same reply!!! so need to decide whether to send him details or not?????

  12. isGCtheKey?

    isGCtheKey? Registered Users (C)

    Count me in !!!

    I got it too !!!

    Now question is whether we send the details. I would say yes. Also i am going to include somewhere in my reply that i have applied 3rd EAD ( this may or may not make an impact)

    This is exactly what we want. I would say that at least we will have an official channel open and someone looking at our cases rather than just having to look at the same @#@#$@# message over and over again.

    In fact i just sent back reply with my details.
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  13. dsatish

    dsatish Registered Users (C)

    Right decision. Fortune favors the brave. I guess that your file will be looked into and you will get FP2. I don't want to fall behind. I am gonna do it too.
  14. karns

    karns Registered Users (C)

    Can you guys please tell for the sake of everyone who did u send an email to before getting a reply from them?
  15. isGCtheKey?

    isGCtheKey? Registered Users (C)

  16. cinta

    cinta Registered Users (C)



    I am glad some got replies back; so the provision of this e-mail worked to some extent. I would like to remind you why I provided it in the first place. To make your concerns heard, both on a general basis, i.e. backlogs / campaign and inability of US CIS to effectively deal with them and if appropriate on a personal basis. Complain about the unfairness and give your personal statistics also! Above all, be professional (follow samples) as there is always a danger of loosing this contact also if not.
  17. GC022002

    GC022002 Registered Users (C)

  18. isGCtheKey?

    isGCtheKey? Registered Users (C)

    I think so. When you send the email be sure to include all your info. (look below for details asked by the ombudsman's office. You could also include a consolidated issues list and send it. Maybe one of the senior member's can create a single consolidated list which could be used as a reference when sending emails to representatives.

    on anorther note, has anyone got back a reply after answering the second email that asked for all the info ?
  19. GC092002

    GC092002 Registered Users (C)

    I sent reply to cisombudsman@dhs.gov

    i provided all asked personal info in that email. Now let's see if I get reply from them and what kind of reply. I insisted on getting answer, reason and result of unfair processing in my email.

    Has anyone received reply after providing personal info?
  20. GC092002

    GC092002 Registered Users (C)

    I got second reply from dhs.gov - Prakash Khatri

    I got it on Sunday. Message says ...

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Based upon the information you provided, a formal inquiry has been initiated with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). USCIS should simultaneously issue a response to you and this office within forty five (45) days. If a response is not received within the given timeframe, this office will follow-up with USCIS to determine the reason for delay.

    Please be advised that the U.S Postal Service (USPS) does not forward USCIS mail, even if you have provided USPS notification of your address change. Therefore, in order to receive any related correspondence, it is critical that you provide USCIS your current mailing address. You can verify and/or update your mailing address by calling the USCIS National Customer Service Center at (800) 375-5283.

    I recognize the frustration you and others experience with existing immigration processes. Under the Homeland Security Act, the Office of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman (CIS Ombudsman) was instituted specifically to assist USCIS customers in resolving issues, to identify problem areas in the immigration process, and to propose changes to USCIS administrative practices. Within the past months, the CIS Ombudsman has made substantial strides to that end, and most recently was sufficiently staffed to respond to public inquiries, such as yours.

    In an effort to prevent continual recurrence of your reported issue in the immigration process, please be assured that your concerns have been noted and will be incorporated as appropriate into recommendations aimed at enhancing USCIS administrative practices.

    Again, thank you for the opportunity to be of assistance.


    Prakash Khatri,


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