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leaving the country during green card process

Discussion in 'General J Visa and Related Issues' started by LisaJ, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. LisaJ

    LisaJ New Member

    I am currently on a J visa and just started a green card application. I wonder if I can leave the country and return with my J visa while I'm in the green card process??? My J visa doesn't expire until after the planned trip.
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  2. elcupacabras

    elcupacabras Registered Users (C)

    Im pretty sure that once you send in your paperwork for your GC and you receive your NOA1, your new status is AOS pending (regardless of what visa you had previously). To leave the US before you have your AP in hand would be considered abandoning the GC process.
  3. DevinCal

    DevinCal Registered Users (C)

    Hello Lisa, I am curious to know how you were able to start your green card process while still on the j1 visa. Are you getting married to a US citizen, or some other route. I am asking because my girlfriend also has a j1 and would like to know her options.

  4. VidhyAnand

    VidhyAnand New Member

    I am in US with L1B Visa. My husband has B1/B2 visa. We both work for same company and my husband is in India now. He wants to join me. I am planning to apply L2 for my husband. Please advise me on the follwoing:
    1) If my husband goes for L2 stamping, will his B1 visa stand cancelled?
    2) Can he possess both L2 and B1 active at a time?
    3) Is it possible for him to get his L2 stamped, but come to US with B1 and apply for EAD with L2 and go back to india?
    4) Can he go to L2 to L1 COS in US if he comes on L2

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