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L2 Visa Status

Discussion in 'General L Visa and Related Issues' started by s.chitvan, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. s.chitvan

    s.chitvan New Member


    I Am On L2 Visa And Received My Ssn Just 2 Days Ago. I Have Applied For My Ead. I Just Want To Ask Whether Can I Work Till The Time I Don't Get My Ead Bcos Its Written On My Ssn Card - Valid For Employment.

    And On Your Site Aswel Its Given That Persons On L2 Visa Are Permitted To Work Without Work Authorization . They May Apply For Ead But Its Not Necessary If They Have Their Marriage Certificate With Them .

    Pls Help.

  2. SetMax

    SetMax Registered Users (C)

    check answers below


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