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J1 waiver while residing in India

Discussion in 'General J Visa and Related Issues' started by BansalA, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. BansalA

    BansalA New Member

    I am trying to apply for J-1 waiver from India on the basis of No Objection Statement (NOS). I prepared and notarized the statement and affidavit from India. I did not use Indian Embassy for it.

    I have the required clearances from:

    1. Department of Home, Government of Delhi,

    2. Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development, New Delhi, and

    3. Regional Passport Office, New Delhi.

    After getting clearances from India, usually NOS are forwarded to Waiver Review Division in U.S. Department of State through Indian Embassy in US. In my case because I am in India and not in US, this service is not available for me from Indian Embassy in US. Indian Embassy in NY has refused to forward my case to Indian Embassy in DC.

    In the website of U.S. Department of State there is provision in Point 4 under * No Objection Statement (NOS) that helps me that “The NOS may also be issued by a designated ministry of the Exchange Visitor's home government and forwarded to the U.S. Chief of Mission, Consular Section, within that country to be forwarded directly to the Waiver Review Division”.

    I would be grateful if someone can tell me the procedure of how U.S. Embassy in New Delhi can help me forward my NOS to Waiver Review Division in U.S. Department of State. Could someone please let me know which Ministry in Indian government should send US Consulate the No Objection Statement? Does anyone know whom to contact in the designated Ministry in India.

    Does someone know who has done this?
  2. aminswiss

    aminswiss Registered Users (C)


    It is good that you got all Three NORIs

    you are good to go,

    in your case,

    first, send your pacakage to Indian Embassy in Washington DC and not to I.E in NY

    They will then be able to issue a NOS to DOS ( COpy send to you)

  3. witchdoktor

    witchdoktor Registered Users (C)

    Hi BansalA, I would just like to know how you went about obtaining the clearances without attestation from the Indian Embassy? Thanks!

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