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Is there pharmacists from Russia or Ukraine ?

Discussion in 'Pharmacists' started by katerina, May 14, 2004.

  1. katerina

    katerina New Member

    Hi :) I am from Russia and prepare for FPGEE exam . Is there someone from Russia who pass the FPGEE or study for FPGEE ?
    Let us stay together !!!! :) :cool: my email katyaberg@mail.ru
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  2. lolofigueroa

    lolofigueroa New Member

    I studied in Ukraine!!!

    I'd like to contact you or anyone who studied in Russia or Ukraine. My question is if we need a license to practice pharmacy in Ukraine or a certificate of registration? Please let me know about that. I am originally from Peru and went back to my country after completing my 5 years of study and at the time I studied i didn't know about that. I'm a member of the National Association in Peru and now want to apply for the FPGEE. Help from anyone is very welcomed. My email is lolofigueroa@hotmail.com. Thank you.
  3. khadija

    khadija New Member

    hi, lolofigueroa
    Im a Moroccan who studied in Russia ,but im currently in Morocco working as a pharmacist . in russia pharmacistsdon't nee a licence or registration to practice their profession ,so all what you have to do is to call your university and tell them to send to FPGEE affidative of luck of licence or registration,hop it helps
  4. lolofigueroa

    lolofigueroa New Member

    Who issues "the Affidavit for Lack of Licensure"?

    Hi Khadija nice to meet you :) . I would like to know exactly if in Russia or Ukraine really don't need any licensure or registration, have you already applied for the FPGEE? Maybe you have some tips to share with me, and of course if I can help you just ask me, I'll be glad to do it. If I understood well, we have to request to the FPGEC for an "Affidavit for Lack of Licensure", don't we? Or like you say the University should give me an Affidavit for Lack of Licensure. I'm confused about that, if you or someone knows more about that, reply please to this question. Thanks.
  5. mtvua

    mtvua New Member


    Does anybody know how exactly "Affidavit for Lack of Licensure" and official documentation verified by pharmacy school or the applicable government agency that neither licensing nor registration was required should be done.
    I am Ukrainian. I've graduated from Zaporozhskiy Medical University. In Ukraine there is no licence or registration for individual pharmacists. Licence is given to juridical person, i.e. organization (that should have a particular place for pharmacy and pharmacist in its staff). Government agency that issues these licences and my university have no idea how to do addidavit and other documents reguarding licensure, so they decline to give any document regarding lisensure.
    I've wrote e-mail to custserv@nabp.net asking how exactly these documents should be done. Here is there response:

    A written request for an "Affidavit for Lack of Licensure" must be
    submitted with the application/registration materials. The FPGEC will
    provide further information concerning this procedure to eligible
    candidates. The candidate must also submit official documentation
    verified by his or her pharmacy school or the applicable government agency that neither licensing nor registration was required. Thank you.

    I know it should be done, I read it in application bulletin. But I asked how exactly it should be done... Sample text and form. I don't know how to write an affidavit.
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  6. DD-pharm

    DD-pharm Registered Users (C)

    Pharmacist from Baku

    Hi, mtvua,

    I'm from Baku, I've graduated from Az.State Med. University. I'm in the same situation, since in Azerbaijan, like in all former Soviet Republics, no license was needed to practice as a pharmacist. I've not applied for an FPGEE yet, but going to do it soon. I wonder, if you have allready solved the problem with "Affidavite for luck of Licensure"?
  7. mtvua

    mtvua New Member

    one girl from russia told me that you should send all documents needed except licence and THAN they will send you affidavit that you should sign and send back. but I have not tried it yet.
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  8. javebe

    javebe Registered Users (C)

    Any Mexican Pharmacist in the forum?

    Hello guys,

    I was wondering if there is any pharmacist that graduated from a Mexican University planning to get certified by FPGEC with whom I could be in contact to share information.

  9. iuliaNYC2016

    iuliaNYC2016 New Member

    I am a Pharmacist from Moldova. I speak Russian and Romanian. I am in New York.
    Are there any schools that offer courses to prepare for the FPEEEG and Toefl.
    Should I apply for the FPGEC now or should I wait until I am ready to take the test.
    If I apply for the FPGEC and qualify is there a time limit to take the test before the certification expires.
    What are the best books to buy to prepare for the exams
    What are the best online courses to prepare for the exam.
    How do I start preparing,
    Any advice or recommendation?
  10. mikevolpe11

    mikevolpe11 New Member

    you should consult with those who have experienced in this field from long.

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