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is there going to be an amnesty soon?

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by dana_c, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. dana_c

    dana_c Registered Users (C)

    Could anybody please give me their opinion on Obama's immigration reform?Do you think there's going to be an amnesty soon?
  2. waiting for...

    waiting for... Registered Users (C)

    not in this election year.
  3. dana_c

    dana_c Registered Users (C)

    what about next year?or when do you think that's going to happen?
  4. fat_face

    fat_face Guest

    here is my two cents...I don't think there would be an amnesty until 2013 at the very earliest.

    2010: won't happen because of the politics of midterms plus Harry Reid backed off to put Immigration reform on the forefront once Lindsay Graham (i.e the only Republican for Amnesty) threaten to break off if Reid went ahead with the reform this year.

    2011: won't happen in 2011 either because i predict the democrats to lose seats in House and maybe a couple or more in Senate thus making it impossible to avoid a Republican fillibuster( Hell, the democrats can't avoid a fillibuster even now with very good majorities in both houses) .Obama and Democrats won't Reconcile on immigration like they did on Health Care.

    2012: Presidential Election...nothing gets done.

    2013: If Obama wins in Nov 2012 and hopefully the Democrats win huge and people wake up to the BS that is the Tea party, then I'd give it a 50-50 chance to get passed in 2013. But Democrats in Congress are losers, inept and too divided even when they have huge majorities, so i'll bet against amnesty in 2013.

    And oh, just say Goodbye to Amnesty if there ever is a National Security issue.
  5. John Smith 1

    John Smith 1 Registered Users (C)

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  6. Atique.Rahman

    Atique.Rahman Registered Users (C)


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