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IRS Letter 1722 for Naturlization Interview

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by shaky, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. shaky

    shaky Registered Users (C)


    Ok. i went in at 1 pm for 1.30 pm app. there are two waiting areas. i went to first one and gave my letter at window and i was advised to seated and wait to be called.i waited about 25 mins there and my name was called and i thaught wow thats fast, i that it was my interview call but it wasnt. i went upstairs and there was another waiting area . ok i found a seat and started waiting. I started chatting to the lady sitting next to me she was from Pakistan. and her english wasnt that good.

    I noticed some ppl who came after me were called in before me( same thing is going to happen to me in getting my oath letter, I assume ) well the lady sitting next to me was called before me , after 10 mins she came back and sat next to me , i asked her what happened, she said my officer says there is some problem. well i asked her in detail IN ** Urdu** ( langauge spoken in pakistan ) then she said '' she went in and officer asked her to raise hand and to tell the truth and she replaied *** I CAN ** AND OFFICER REPLIED SAME QUESTION COUPLE OF TIMES and she answered ** I can ** thinking that **i do ** and **i can ** mean same . so officer got upset and failed her right there before even interview. so she got another date and left.

    well about 3:30 pm my name was called . it was aged officer in his 50's i belive. and he didnt look like other officer who joked around and smiled. ok we went in he asked to rais hand and normal stuff, he scaned barcode on my file and asked my name . and then he asked for my green card and I;D. and then he asked if i was still married i said yes.then he went through my file he checked every single paper which was in my file. ( i guess he was looking to what documents to ask for ) then he asked me for my 2001 and 2002 tax returns and i handed him my tax returnsi had made copies of my tax returns which he mentioned that was nice of me, and he smiled for 1st time.

    he kept the copies and gave me back originals. then he asked me proof of residence, i showed him my recent phone bills. then he did something on computer and asked me for marriage certificate , which i gave him original and a copy. he kept the copy. and he said, Thanx for making his JOB easier.then he picked up my N 400 application and asked me my age and some questions from N 400 like was i ever arrested and stuff. and then he asked me if i wanted to change my name and i said yes. he said ok what part of name u wanna change and the reason. i told him i wanted to change my first name only and the reason is i like that name . he said OK. then he asked me about selective services and i gave him my registration card . Then he signed application and asked me to sign it with my name NOT the new name . and then he printed a paper with my old name and new name and he had me signed them too,

    When i submitted my application i had forgotten to include my photographs, so i mentioned to him , then he said yes there was a note on application and he asked if i have them now i said yes. then he made me sign on my photos. and then came the question part. he asked me i think seven questions i dont remember all of them now . and they were easy ones from the list. i answered all of them correct.

    Then he handed me the paper and told me to read the line which was like *** I am sitting in Garden City naturalization office ** i had no problem reading that offcourse . then he asked me to write a sentence on line on that paper ** I live in new york state **, and then he handed me the paper which said i passed the test and he tick marked the box that my application is recommended for approval and i will get notice in mail to attend oath ceremony . I asked him how long is that wait for oath and he said he has no idea.he stoof up and he walked me out of that hallway. i thanked him and walked out of building smiling.

    Well i was very happy that I did it. But now looking at the facts that ppl who are interviewed after me are getting oath letters BUT not me, is making me worry and putting alot of thaughts in my mind , like, maybe something is wrong now or maybe i have missed the oath letter and thaughts go on.

    Can anyone tell me what would YOU do if u were in my position. Wait for oath letter in mail for 2 or 4 months more OR go to 26 federal plaza in NYC and inquire about my case :confused:

    Or maybe there is a dely in my case because i had chosen to change my name. Is it the fact that ppl who ask to change their names wait longer for oath for those who do not change their names? any Idea.??????

    Plz reply...
    Thank you .. and good Luck
  2. hm11

    hm11 Registered Users (C)

    From the past discussions on this borad regarding official tax return, every one needs official tax return statement from the IRS. My questions are;

    - what is the difference between IRS Letter 1722 and Form 4506?
    - if you request tax info by calling 1-800-829-1040, what kind of documents do they provide? is it IRS Letter 1722?
    - do you need 5 or 3 year tax return statements?
    - Why do we need to get stamped IRS Letter 1722 when actually it is issued by the IRS?

    Plz share your knowledge with us.
  3. joy02

    joy02 Registered Users (C)

    The stamp

    Hi there, I am also curious why we have to get the stamps from IRS. The letter1722 is official document, isn't it?
    Thanks for you guys opinion.
  4. hm11

    hm11 Registered Users (C)

    I hope somebody can explain at this forum. It looks strange to ask for stamp on official documents(unless the statment is on plain paper).
    Any feedback appreciated.
  5. p8085

    p8085 Registered Users (C)

    Letter 1722, is a summary of your tax returns. Transcripts are copies of the 1040 form (with the itemized deductions - on one page).

    The reason for the stamp is, because with the correct software, somebody could make his or her own transcripts or alter it.
  6. hm11

    hm11 Registered Users (C)

    Thank you p8085.
    So the only doucument we need for tax information is Letter 1722 with stamp from IRS - nothing else right.
  7. columbiaman

    columbiaman Registered Users (C)

    Tax letter need in spouse based citizenship only

    I am under the impression that the Tax letter 1722 is needed only when you are applying as spouse of US citizenship. Or else this is not needed. Pls can someone confirm this.
  8. hm11

    hm11 Registered Users (C)

    Tax record sholud be handy in case BCIS needs to look at it. This is a proof that you file your taxes with IRS. If you don't have the record at the time of interview and the officer ask for it, it means further delay in your application process. Because you have to mail the record after the interview.
    In short, to avoid further delay one should have all the necessary documents ready at the time of interview.
  9. hm11

    hm11 Registered Users (C)

    How long it takes to get the stamp from local IRS office? Do they stamp each page of the document?
  10. hm11

    hm11 Registered Users (C)

    Stamping issue....

    I went to the local IRS office for getting the stamp on my tax transcripts and they said you don't need it because the transcripts are already on IRS letterhead.
  11. phillydude

    phillydude Registered Users (C)

    That was my first impression. People tend go a little over board at times.
  12. happpy

    happpy Registered Users (C)


    Did you get form 4506 or form 1722? Thanks
  13. happpy

    happpy Registered Users (C)


    Did you get form 4506 or form 1722? Thanks
  14. hm11

    hm11 Registered Users (C)

    I did not apply on form 4506. I requested my tax transcripts over the phone. The whole process took less then THREE weeks. The transcripts are on IRS letterhead.
  15. phillydude

    phillydude Registered Users (C)

    You can use form 4506 to get your transcripts as well or call the 800 number and request it by automated telephone system.

    Form 4506 can also used to request the actual copies of all the tax papers, costs you $23. However, this I believe, is not necessary.
  16. Radni

    Radni Registered Users (C)

    Now they have form 4506-T for orderig tax return transcript. I sent one form 4506-T and IRS has sent to me is a their letterhead "Tax Return Listing" and it is nothing but list of some 70 lines from my tax return . At the top it gives the details of my SS no., mailing address, tax period, filing status , etc..
    But nowhere it says" Form 1722" and it is not signed or stamped.
    Please let me know
    1. Is this Tax Return Listing the same as 1722 ?
    2. Witout stamp of IRS , will it be acceptable?
    3. If this tax return listing is not same as 1722, what do I do to get 1722?
  17. Rahul Kumar

    Rahul Kumar Registered Users (C)

    I think this is it (1722). 4506 (without the T) will give u copies of your exact return with W2's, but costs $36/year This form will give u so much only. If you want a stamp take it to the local IRS office and they will stamp it for you.
  18. jaws

    jaws Registered Users (C)

    Filing Extension

    I was planning to take copies of my tax transcripts and thanks to this newsgroup, I learnt about Form 1722. I did call the IRS number and requested 2000-2002 tax returns. Is 3 year tax returns good enough ? I have applied for extension for this year and have not yet filed my taxes. My interview is in the second week of july and I am not sure if I will be able to get my taxes in before then. Has anyone gone for interview with tax extension documents ?
  19. Jitender

    Jitender Registered Users (C)

    You can obtain tax transcripts for the last four years by calling 1-800-829-1040. You need to follow the voice prompts. This is the easiest way and you get the transcripts within 10 days.

    Alternatively, you can fill out the Form 4506. (I do not recommend this).

    What you get in return is Letter 8054C. This is the tax transcript and includes a cover letter. The first line of the cover letter reads:

    "We've enclosed a transcript for your tax return for the period shown above as you requested on (month, day, year). "

    I sent in these transcripts with N-400. Nothing else is needed, not even a stamp of any kind.

    1722? I have not come across it. That may be in the past.
  20. gabby2001

    gabby2001 Registered Users (C)

    You can request a copy of the 1722 form by calling the IRS and asking to speak with an agent. 3 years should be ok, but I asked for 5.

    They will ask you specific questions about your previous years' tax returns, so have them handy when you call. While waiting for the mailed copy of the form, you can also request a faxed copy and they can typically to that immediately.

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