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Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by Tswankz, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. t3155114

    t3155114 New Member

    I have the same. I sent to Dallas TX, but got number from Nebraska
    and today is 42nd day. I don't understand why they moved it to Nebraska if Texas works properly and in time....

    Maybe tomorrow will be lucky day? Let's hope :)
  2. dejavu87

    dejavu87 New Member

    Still the same status: New Card in production since 9th March 2017.
  3. Tswankz

    Tswankz New Member

    That's a long time.. did you call them again yet?
  4. dejavu87

    dejavu87 New Member

    I got approval notice today and status updated to EAD Card was mailed to me.
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  5. yaba_

    yaba_ New Member

    Hi @t3155114, any update on your application? Mine has not changed yet, still pending. I called USCIS today and they told me I have to ask them after my initial service inquiry reaches 30 days without response. It has been 17 days so far.
  6. t3155114

    t3155114 New Member

    Right now i got a notification that status is New card is being produced. Today is 202nd day from asylum application is filed and 47 from i765 is filled.
  7. yaba_

    yaba_ New Member

    Good to hear that. I am still waiting for an update. It gives me hope hearing your update.
  8. t3155114

    t3155114 New Member

    Have you received your card?
  9. yaba_

    yaba_ New Member

    Today I got the update "New Card is Being Produced". It was the 48th day since my EAD application was received and 204 days since i-589 filling date.
    Such a great relief.
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  10. Pierre82

    Pierre82 Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the good news and I hope you get your card soon :)
  11. yaba_

    yaba_ New Member

    Thanks, let's hope :)
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  12. lasgalen

    lasgalen New Member

    Hey everyone!

    I applied for an EAD on the same day as my wife based on our pending asylum application cases. We got our recevial notice for asylum on 09/12/2017 and applied for EAD (I-765 c08) on 02/17/2017. My wife's EAD got approved withing 30 days and she got her EAD in two weeks after the approval.

    However my card kept being transferred all over the place (Texas-San Francisco-Texas-Potomac-Texas) and I still haven't got my approval. It has been over 90 days since I filed my I-765 and still no approval which is freaking me out because I have a job offer which requires me to start asap. I called them countless times and requested expedites and got info passes to talk to them in person but still no luck.

    This is my first EAD that I got from my pending asylum case but I had another one that I got with my OPT which expired on 07/13/2017. Since I had an EAD before, I chose 'renewal' on the I-765 form. Was that a mistake? I still did specify that I was a pending asylum case and applied under section c08. So it should be clear that I am appliying to EAD with my pending asylum case.

    Anyone had a similar issue? I would appreciate some help
  13. Buff

    Buff New Member

    Hey I recommend you check with an immigration attorney, usually initial EADs are taking exactly 30 days to get the approval at Texas service center . Good luck
  14. NaaaaaaR

    NaaaaaaR Member

    I posted in some other thread before, but thought maybe I should do it again here to see what you guys think about my case.

    Applied for Asylum: 11-28-2016

    Interview Date: 03-13-2017

    Form i-765 received by USCIS: 05-01-2017 (LIN)

    Currently I am 185 days through my application process and today I hit the 30 days wait after the receipt notice for EAD.
    Any ideas on when I will get a change in case status for my work authorization?
  15. Buff

    Buff New Member

    Should be in a few days
  16. NaaaaaaR

    NaaaaaaR Member

    I think all of us that applied for EAD and our cases were sent to Nebraska are or did deal with the delay!
    I mean I have decided not to worry anymore since time has to pass! But it is just not fair, anyways...
    I think my case status should change in the coming week or beginning of next week.
    Today 190 days have passed and 36 days passed since the Nebraska office received my i-765.
    we will see...
  17. Buff

    Buff New Member

  18. stonebrick78

    stonebrick78 Member


    We are in the same boat.
    USCIS received my cases(family) at 27 of April and still pending. Of course I've spend all my nerves for waiting, but....nothing that we can do it in this situation.
    I've tryed to investigate and provide some statistics.

    Cases received by USCIS at Nebraska on 1 of June was viewing for about 1.7 - 2 month.
    USCIS do not forget about your case, because somethimes they jumping for example from LIN179051XXX to LIN179030XXX...so every day they review different dates and cases.
    I don't see any sence to call Service. They can not provide an info about your case and if USCIS need something they will send to you a RFE.
    So 39 days.....I have an App on my phone which send me a notification about I-765 cases which revieving at Nebraska SC. They working, but not fast.

    Keep calm and stay waiting.

    Some cases change their status on my eyes.
    Case can be rejected or declined in first week or two...basicly but not a rule.
    RFE means that your case would be revieved wery fast, after your answer to USCIS.

    My cases received by USCIS at 27 of April 2017
  19. NaaaaaaR

    NaaaaaaR Member

    Just to update my case;
    193 days passed and still USCIS (Nebraska) says EAD case received and 38 days since the case was received by the Nebraska Service Center.
    Based on the others' comments I think I should wait another 9 to 10 days since some people here got it on their 200th day of waiting or something like that!

    This is the latest update for the Nebraska Service Center Processing Time which was updated on March 31st, 2017:

    I-765 Application for Employment Authorization Based on a pending asylum application [(c)(8)] March 16, 2017

    So not sure if these guys are very busy or this is just going to take a long time.
    I read somewhere that the wait could be from 2 to 4 months as well...
  20. stonebrick78

    stonebrick78 Member

    At this Friday I will reach 199 days since my application was submitted and 44 days since case was received by USCIS....

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