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Indian Visa for Minor

Discussion in 'India - Visiting, Living in, Moving to or Moving F' started by yu-ghi, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. yu-ghi

    yu-ghi Registered Users (C)

    My USC minor child has a 10 year multiple entry Indian visa on his passport which was valid for 5 years. Now that the passport is expired and he got a new one. Can he use the visa on the expired passport to travel to India? Or, he has to get a new visa on the new passport? Hope somebody had a similar experience to share.

  2. tamtom

    tamtom Registered Users (C)

    On the website of my Indian consulate (San Francisco), it says the following:
    So, according to that source, you have a choice. Either the child can travel carrying the old expired passport with the Indian visa along with the new valid passport, or for a small fee ($25 in San Francisco), you can have the visa transferred to the child's new passport.

    Hope this helps,

  3. v_help

    v_help Registered Users (C)

    New U.S.Passport and Indian Tourist Visa.. Please help..


    My daughter's (minor, U.S. Citizen) passport expires early next month. We applied and got a new U.S Passport. Last month, when we went to submit the passport application, the person at the post office told us that since the U.S.Passport still has validity, it must be submitted along with the application.

    The new U.S Passport arrived recently but we did not get the old U.S Passport back that still has valid 10-Year Multiple Entry Indian Tourist Visa.

    Has anyone in this forum been in this situation ? If so, which approach would work / did work ?

    1. Calling the U.S Passport Customer Service to request for the old U.S.Passport.

    2. Calling the Indian Embassy to get the Visa Transferred to the new U.S Passport for a fee of $25. But then, in this case, would the Indian Embassy require us to send the old U.S Passport that has the valid visa -OR- just copy of the old passport is sufficient ?

    Could someone please help....

    Thanks in advance.

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