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Immigration and Mental Illness

Discussion in 'Any Topic' started by okspider, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. okspider

    okspider Registered Users (C)

    My fiance lives in denmark and I live in the USA. We have known eachother for 7 years and we decided we would get married this year and wanted to start the process for him to come here. he was diagnosed with being bipolar. Would this in any way stop us from being together? What is the immigration standards on mental illness?Thanks!
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  2. DennyHayes

    DennyHayes New Member

    It is pretty obvious that being bipolar couldn't be used to stop any legal action, because most of the people on this planet are half nuts, and could be classified as bipolar. In fact it is not necessarily a psychiatric problem, because the definition of a psychiatric problem is when the problem causes an inability to function in a society. So unless he likes to beat people, or climb to the top of tall buildings and shoot people in cross walks, it is highly unlikely that they could deny him on the basis of him just being bipolar. Bipolar means extra abnormally large mood swings, and the point at which the mood swings are too far, is when it is causing serious social problems. In fact I know of a psychiatrist and social worker who married an alien and brought her here who takes Prozac :) I work in the psychiatric field, and though I know little about immigration policy, it would be extremly difficult to enforce a rule to disallow people based on something that common and not well defined.

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