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Illinois state id

Discussion in 'Issues Related to Obtaining Driver's License from ' started by rrajendr, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. rrajendr

    rrajendr Registered Users (C)

    I am trying to get a new first time Illinois State ID for my wife who is on H4. When I enquired the office they say that she should have a SSN to get it. She is ineligible for one.
    1)I was wondering whether anyone has been able to get Illionis State ID without requiring SSN and if so what EVIDENCE did you produce to get it and WHERE were you able to get it. I live around Chicago, IL.
  2. esseyeb

    esseyeb Registered Users (C)

  3. abby1234

    abby1234 New Member


    Yes ,your wife cannot get the State Id without Social security number...if on H4 visa..

    But on H4 visa you can apply for Driver's License without SSN.in IL ..She needs to go to the following address

    Office of the ILLinois Secretary of State
    5301 W Lexington Ave, chicago , IL 60644

    telephone - 312-793-1010

    This is the only center which issue Drivers's License without SSN...
    It will be mention as TEMPORARY VISITOR DRIVERS License...and below the photograph will be written " not valid for identification"

    BUT , I always have been using this drivers id for Identification...Whileshowing it to people ,i just keep my finger over the " not valid for id.." ..It has always work :) ...people just want to verify your age...

    Hope this helps you'
    if any other questions let me know

  4. rrajendr

    rrajendr Registered Users (C)

    Hi Abby
    Thanks for your answer. But the ID is needed because for opening bank accounts etc they ask for some ID else they don't allow to open. Hence I wanted it. Is there any other option which is a true ID which can be used except the temporary visitor's driver licence.
  5. abby1234

    abby1234 New Member

    Regarding opening the bank account,,,why dont you include your name as the primary applicant and just add your spouse....
    For the id purpose in the bank, i just showed them my passport.

    I have the account in the bank with my husband as the primary applicant, but i am ONLY allowed to withdraw money from the Saving account and the ATM...I cant withdraw money from the Checking account or have a checkbook...

    They told me whenever i get SSN , then they would allow me to withdraw from the Checking Account...

    She can also apply for the major credit cards...

    Hope this helps..
  6. rrajendr

    rrajendr Registered Users (C)

    Hi Abby
    Thanks for the reply. However I just told you an example of bank accoutns but there are lots of other instances where they ask for TRUE US ID and don't acknowledge Indian Passport. Hence was wondering is there any other option which is a true US ID which can be used except the temporary visitor's driver licence.
  7. sups

    sups New Member

    Problem with issuing of lisence in IL

    I am currently on a dependent visa and facing the same problem with the SSN .

    I was wondering tht the office at W.Lexington Ave,Chicago doesnt require the SSN ???? I was been told that you need a letter from the Social Security Dept stating that a SSN cannot be issued ......

    Could you please clarify tht without having the letter can i get the license issued at the above mention office .

  8. guest1978

    guest1978 Registered Users (C)

    need rejection letter for SSN?

    does one need to take the rejection letter from SSN Authority to this facility on Lexington avenue to be able
    to get the license?



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