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I765 EAD renewal expedite

Discussion in 'Employment Authorizations (EAD) and Advance Parole' started by Sairamsairam, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Sairamsairam

    Sairamsairam New Member

    I am in J2 dependent visa and I applied for EAD (I765) renewal and its been 56 days since filing. I got a job offer asking to start at May 23rd, since I did not have an active EAD, I could not start my job. Yesterday I requested for EAD expedite under severe financial loss to individual category by calling the customer service center.
    They told that I will get a mail in 5 days from USCIS. Am I doing the right thing? or Is there any other way to get my EAD card?
  2. nazaisha46

    nazaisha46 New Member

    hi i am in the same situation............i applied for ead on april 27 and still in the initial review. can you please tell me what happened after you call them? did they send you an email? i just called them and waiting for the reply.
  3. Sairamsairam

    Sairamsairam New Member

    I got a mail saying that my case is under review and within 30 days they will let me know the decision......anything happened in your case

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