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I485 RFE cert of good conduct

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by dadude, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. dadude

    dadude Registered Users (C)

    Got this tonight for my mother. The RFE for I485 states that the applicant's fingerprints have been twice rejected as illegible and they are now asking for a certification of good conduct. How do I go about getting this? Do I go to the police department in my town? Also do I have to go back to Mother's country to get such a certificate?

    What I'm really pissed about is that this is not our fault at all but now we have to go and get evidence because they can't seem to get fingerprints correctly. HELP!
  2. rpunjabi

    rpunjabi New Member

    Did you get a response? What are you doing about it ?


    Did you get a response to this question? I have the exact same RFE for my mom. WOuld appreciate any pointers from you.


  3. captainkit

    captainkit Registered Users (C)

    A certain percentage of people have faint or "shallow" fingerprints which are very difficult to scan. It's happened to a few people on these forums - it's not your fault, but it probably isn't uscis' fault either. You're just unlucky!

    I believe you can go to your local police station and request a certificate of good conduct. It's basically a background check, and they're issued for all kinds of reasons (immigration, for people who work with children, for ex-cons who want to prove they've been straight for a certain length of time.) My mother-in-law did this (in the US) to get citizenship of another country, and it was relatively simple. Call your local police station and ask what the process is.
  4. duckydoggy

    duckydoggy Registered Users (C)

    My friend's dad got into the same situation, he got one cert from his home country then one from police station here. Don't worry, everything should be fine. My friend's father got his GC already.
  5. dadude

    dadude Registered Users (C)

    Cert of good conduct

    I went to my local police office in my town and they will give me certificates for my mother. SHouldn't be a problem. I'm also going to get from back home that will state that my mother does not have any police records. I'll send them both at the end of the month. The sucky part is that they only gave me one month to get all this documentation. Anyway, as soon as I send it I'll let you know what their response was.
  6. vinayakk

    vinayakk Registered Users (C)


    Can you update this thread with happened to your case? Did you get the certificate from the local police station?

  7. dadude

    dadude Registered Users (C)

    Yup, I got a police cert from her home city and the city I'm living in right (which is in the US). After giving them both these certificates I got my mom's GC in about a week.
    You have to get police certificates from every place that you've stated your benficiary has lived. Do let me know if you have any other questions.
  8. vinayakk

    vinayakk Registered Users (C)

    I already have a certificate from the police in Mumbai, India. So that's not a concern. My concern was getting a certificate over here. My dad has only been here as a visitor. So I had strong doubts if the police will issue him a certificate.

    How did it go in your case? Did they agree right away to issue it? Were you asked any proof of residence for your mother?

    Thanks for your help and glad that it worked out well for you.

  9. Vishnu Mahadev

    Vishnu Mahadev Registered Users (C)

    Dear Vinayakk: Be positive. Your local police station in USA , can technically provide you certificate because they do not have any record to the contrary. No driving ticket , no report against your parent/s. I understand why our mind thinks USA police stations may not help. the reason is obvious. But that is why USA is a sought after country evn wih today's economy.
  10. rramabad

    rramabad Registered Users (C)

    Can I get a PCC from the Indian consulate and will that be acceptable by INS.

    Any one has success with this please let me know.

  11. Vishnu Mahadev

    Vishnu Mahadev Registered Users (C)

    If your case is AOS AND NOT CP, USCIS is expecting PCC from local police station where you lived for the last 5 years. If you are having problems getting this from local police stations, state the problem. Please read threads listed below for alternatives. The next recourse may be mayor of your city, senator for your state, congressman for your district, governor of the state

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  12. gcsla

    gcsla New Member

    certification of good conduct

    This afternoon i received the rfe and it says applicatnts fingerprints have twice been rejected as lllegible.Please provide a letter from local police department indicating applicant has no crimanal record.Aslo it states a seperate letter required for each law enforcement district which the applicant resided during the previous 5 years and also says letters are only required from law enforcement agencies within the united states.

    I live in minnesota and i need your help as you been into similar situation.

    My dad is in u.s.a for last 7 months only. All the time he is in minnesota. He is originally fronm India. So as a visitor he is here only for 7 months.. Please advice me if
    this will be issue with your experience? also did you get any clearence from usa? Have you sent the clearence from the local police department.If so only 7 months stay will be fine?? my question is how will i submit only 7 months stay certificate when i need to submit it for a 5 year duration and it also says no overseas records needed...Please advice. Thanks a lot for your help.
  13. tabaliya

    tabaliya Registered Users (C)

    My read on this is as follows:

    5 years if applying through CP or if outside of the US.
    Up to 5 years of stay in the US (as much as applicable). So if one is here for 7 months only, then a letter for the 7 months in the US is all that is needed.

    Does the RFE state explicitly that no overseas records required?

    I've just applied for my mother and am in MN too - if you like you can PM me. I'm waiting for the FP notificaton which should come in anytime now. We'll wait and see what happens - in the meantime I'll get a PC cert from the Mpls police precinct just in case. I do hope they don't require us to chase the Indian authorities (already found out that it is not easy - you have to be present in Bangalore for Police Clearance.) One route is to try the Indian Consulate in Chicago but they do it in two stages and stage 1 can run about 50 days according to their website.

  14. tabaliya

    tabaliya Registered Users (C)

    See this link:



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