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I485 pending record and now Administratively Closed???

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by skwk, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. skwk

    skwk Registered Users (C)

    My case is pending with VSC since Dec 5, 2001. Is there anyone senior to me?

    I have been through 3 finger prints and countless EADs. Recently, I contacted the CIS ombudsman office for my case status and he informed me that my case was "Administratively Closed" on Aug 27th, 2005. What does this mean? Neither myself nor my company lawyer has received any notification. I have not changed my address since I filed and have recieved various notifications from them.

    I re-entered US last week on Advanced parole unware of this administrative closure. The immigration officer reviewed my case and allowed entry without asking any questions. This mean that my case is still pending.

    No job change since I filed, no legal or other issues.

    Please help.


    RD: Dec 1, 2001
    1st Finger Print: May 2002
    Employment Inquiry: Aug 2002
    2nd Finger Print: Oct 2003
    3rd Finger Print: Mar 2005
    FBI informed: Named check completed in Nov 2004, several Senator checks with USCIS, they are still waiting on name check...
  2. akhil1000

    akhil1000 Registered Users (C)

    Don't worry..There is already a thread for this one...search in this forum...

    All I know is this is not critical..
  3. annoosa

    annoosa Registered Users (C)

    Guys who is CIS Ombudsman? and what is his authoroties and when do u usually contact him?

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