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I485 Application Closed

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by ramforgc, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. ramforgc

    ramforgc Registered Users (C)

    140 Applied – 11/04/2003 (Priority Date 12/02/2002)
    485 Applied – 11/04/2003
    140 Approved – 04/20/2004
    4 Years on EAD
    Changed the JOB
    NameCheck cleared on March 2005
    File sent to Local Office – May 2007
    2nd Finger Print Completed – March 2008
    Interview Completed – June 12th 2008

    During my Interview office said, I have to wait for 2 more months for a decision, yesterday I went local office again to get the more info. They said, my file CLOSED in Vermont and they don’t know the reason and they requested the Vermont office to send the file to Review it.

    Is any one know what is the meaning of file CLOSED? Is that Denied? Or Approved?

    Please help…
  2. greatgc

    greatgc Registered Users (C)

    File WOM,

    These absolutely inefficient and stupid people of USCIS will ONLY listen after that.

    Good Luck.
  3. ramforgc

    ramforgc Registered Users (C)

    Today i went local office (InfoPass)

    Officer said, my case closed by Admin that doesn’t mean it Denied or Approved. Some times they close the case if they required more info or evidence from us. Strange thing is, if they need more info why to close the case???? They would have request for more info.

    IO asks me to wait for few more weeks to get the file in local office to find out why they closed. (She said, we can always re-open a closed case with an year).
  4. mmed

    mmed Volunteer Moderator

    Most, if not all, officers in local offices conducting Info pass, do not understand anything in immigration and just people trying to finish their day to get paid. Take their words with caution and always consider that this has nothing to do with your case.
  5. greatgc

    greatgc Registered Users (C)

    I suggest you call the Service Center, open an SR.

    In parallel, you should also contact the congressman, senator, any other political person in your area that can help you.
  6. ramforgc

    ramforgc Registered Users (C)

    Yes, I know, they have no information and they can't help on the case process.

    I called the Vermont service center. They said, it's on transit from last 15 days??? I can't believe how many days it takes from Vermont to Hartford.

    I have to wait and see...
  7. ramforgc

    ramforgc Registered Users (C)

    I485 Administratively Closed

    I-765 are normally "Administratively Closed"

    More often I-765s are "Administratively Closed" for the reasons mentioned below:

    Case found to be in the jurisdiction of the Immigration Court. In cases like this a notice is mailed to the applicant/attorney and a memo is included into the I-765 to notify the District Office as to why the case is being transferred to them. As these cases require coordination between other USCIS offices and different agencies like ICE (U.S Immigration Customs Enforcement), the NBC often does not have sufficient information to adjudicate I-765s and hence must send these to the Field for review and disposition.
    Applicant has already obtained LPR status; no notice is provided of the Administrative

    The I-551 card serves as evidence of employment authorization.
    Applicant has already obtained an EAD valid for one year either from the

    District Office or by another recently approved I-765
    As the applicant already has an employment benefit document no notice is provided of the Administrative Closure.

    Please let me know if any one in the same situation or any info related to "Administratively Closed" cases.
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  8. ramforgc

    ramforgc Registered Users (C)

    Today i went local office again, lady in office said called her supervisor and they said, as my case "Admin Closed" in Vermont, i should contact Vermont.

    Called Vermont, IO said no info other then it closed. I asked why it closed and reason, how to open etc. He has no info and transferred to Supervisor, she said send a G639 form for more info.

    I can't believe what these people are working on, are they just play with PC with online info which Customer can access? god...

    Anyone with same situation or similar or any knowledge on how to open an "Admin Closed" case or what is the meaning of it? Please help...
  9. Jackolantern

    Jackolantern Registered Users (C)

    File WOM (if your PD is current). That's the only way you'll get any action on your case. Otherwise it will sit on a shelf as CLOSED for the next 5 years.
  10. ramforgc

    ramforgc Registered Users (C)

    hey Jackolantern Thanks man…

    My PD is 12/03/2002 and my PD is current but it still closed? What is the meaning of Admin Closed?

    PD: 12/03/2002
    I485 11/04/2003
    4 years on EAD
    Second Fingerprints (for I485) completed on 06/06/2008
    Interview on Local office: 06/12/2008
    Infopass after 2 month of Interview: Officer said you file “Admin Closed’

    Please help on any info related this kind of cases

    File was "Admin Closed" right now because of no VISA’s available until October??? Is there any chance they can close the file due to no available Visa's?
  11. uscisins

    uscisins Registered Users (C)

    Yes, the application can be closed (I am not sure about Admin Closed) after processing complete. You have to wait for Visa's to open for next period.

    Good luck.

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