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I3itpeople services|search engine optimization provider

Discussion in 'Employment Information' started by madhusundar, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. madhusundar

    madhusundar Registered Users (C)

    For the marketing of online business it is required to go for SEO techniques that are associated with most experienced and professional team. Their experience and experience helps to spread quality of any brand under development of economic enterprise. The SEO solutions are helpful in offering improved effects and development of property marketplaces, groups and other kind of groups.

    This is important post here that I3ITPEOPLE is very special in offering brilliance and strength in solutions to customers globally. This website service of I3ITPEOPLE controls every customer need with development, development and growth.

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  2. Vignesh Ks

    Vignesh Ks Registered Users (C)

    On Job Training for Freshers in Coimbatore

    Dear Job Seekers your Destination is Very Near,
    Greetings from Cegonsoft Coimbatore, We are the pioneers of IT Sector in Coimbatore. We always intend to extend our services towards the Young Fresh Graduates.
    Here a program for you all, it’s nothing but OJT (On Job Training). This program is aimed to build up a career development and to train you in desired technology. You will be with us as our employee and after training we will implement yourself into the live projects.

    Features of OJT:-
    Eligibility Tests includes Aptitude, Technical Machine test & Personal round.
    Day one OFFER LETTER will be provided to the Candidate.
    Training in any of the Latest ************ ( PHP, RIA, DOT NET, JAVA / J2EE, Web 2.0, Software Testing )
    Soft Skill Training
    Project Exposure
    This Program is Placement Assured and candidate is eligible after clearing Aptitude test, Technical, Machine test & personal round of Interview.
    No more Job search.

    Join this Program and be an Employee instead of Job Seeker.

    Vignesh Ks
    9688477218, 0422-4206205, 9944200078, 8754466134
    cegonsoft Pvt Ltd

    Thanks & Regards,
    Vignesh Ks,
    Technical Associate,

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