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I140 RFE (Query) related to work past experience (Under EB2 category)

Discussion in 'General I-140 and Related Issues' started by arpitshah, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. arpitshah

    arpitshah Registered Users (C)

    I got an Query (RFE) in my I 140 premium processing case.

    My situation

    A>I have I140 approved in EB3 category in October 2007.
    B>Currently on H1B (9th year) expiring on 2014.
    C>I have Bachlor 3 years and 2 years of Masters from India. So total only 5 years.

    Now applied for EB2 category with same employer as per him and company lawyer I should qualify for EB2 as Bachlor Plus 5 years of previous company's experience other than current company. On that basis, we applied under EB2 category. Perm got approved but got Query in I140 processing which says as below:

    'Please submit evidence that the beneficiary meets all the requirements listed on the labor certifications as of the priority date. Evidence submited does not establish that the beneficiary has sixty months of progressive experience. Therefore, submit evidence. '

    My employer and lawyer don't have idea what it means and clue less at this point. Per them I have 5 years of experience prior to current company in which I have another 6 years of experience.

    Can anyone decode what they are asking?

    Please respond. Lmk if you have any additional questions.
  2. hazelickes

    hazelickes Registered Users (C)

    Better make an infopass appointment with the USCIS or consulate

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