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I-90 (greencard renewal), biometrics appointment info

Discussion in 'The Physical Green Card' started by sejima, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. sejima

    sejima Registered Users (C)

    Hi :)

    Does anyone know approximately when I will be notified about the date and time of the biometrics appointment? I got the receipt (the "Notice of Action" thingy) on June 15. Also, will the appointment be several days (or months??)after I have received the notification?

    My green card is expiring on Sept 1 2005, but I really have to go back home for just a few days...

    If you know anything from your own experience, PLEASE HELP!!


  2. ginnu

    ginnu Registered Users (C)

  3. testrun

    testrun Registered Users (C)

    I e-filed on June 6th. I still have not gotten my initial NOA. I just have the receipt # starting with MSC*** when I e-filed. I called about 5 times about the issue and have not gotten a straight answer other than wait and see.
  4. sejima

    sejima Registered Users (C)

    biometrics appointment

    Hi again

    Oh yes, I did follow ALL the instructions for green card renewal. I sent the form, along with a cheque of $255 (185+70) and I've got the receipt already (with receipt # beginning with MSC***). So I don't think it's the problem with the cheque or the address that I sent to. The receipt that I got indicates that they have received my application on June 14.

    I have checked my application status online & by phone but they were of no help :( I'll wait and see.


  5. sakina

    sakina Registered Users (C)

    I am in similar situation. When I efiled, here is what it said on the receipt

    Now, last week I received I-797C, Notice of Action from BCIS. Where Notice Type was Receipt Notice. No information was given about scheduling interview or anything. The only thing mentioned was that they have received the payment. And to contact customer service immediately if any information was wrong.

    In my case too, the Receipt Number starts with "MSC"

    Will I be getting another notice from BCIS which will be the "biometrics appointment notice"? Or should I be calling the service center?

    Anyone gone thru similar experience please advise.
  6. testrun

    testrun Registered Users (C)

    When did you file?

  7. sakina

    sakina Registered Users (C)

    July 4th 2005
  8. sejima

    sejima Registered Users (C)

    waiting for biometrics appointment

    Hi Sakina

    Did you file your I-90 after May 31st? I filed mine in early June and have got the receipt already. I don't think calling the customer service center is a good idea (unless you are bored at home and have nothing to do :p). I have called 3 times and 3 different women at the center answered my calls. 2 of them said that they can't tell me anything about my case as they have no information about it. But the remaining one told me that USUALLY, people will get the appointment notice 30-45 days after getting the receipt (MSC*** thingy) I am not sure if what she told me was true, because she was not responsible for answering questions about green card renewal application status. I pressed the wrong button and got in contact with her accidentally. There is a chance that she gave me some inaccurate information so as to make me stop bothering her with questions.

    I have also checked the status online but it says that "this type of case takes about 60-90 days for us to process". This line is so ambiguous. Are they talking about 60-90 days to process certain part(s) of the whole renewal process or what?

    *worried & confused*

  9. sakina

    sakina Registered Users (C)

    You are right. Not sure if they mean that it takes them 60-90 after they receive the biometric information or after we efile? I am presuming after the biometrics. So there we just have to wait then? Can we schedule an infopass apointment and go?
  10. bobxu

    bobxu Registered Users (C)


    I e-filed mine on 5/31, no reciept, nothing, status never changed. I guess all of us already know the only thing we can do with INS is:
  11. sejima

    sejima Registered Users (C)

    biometrics appointment

    hi sakina

    I guess they don't allow applicants to schedule infopass appointments. Go to http://uscis.gov/graphics/ and you will find their notice:

    "InfoPass Users Filing I-90 "Green Card" Applications Please Note....
    Do not make any appointments on InfoPass to file Form I-90. Applications to renew or replace a Permanent Resident card can no longer be filed at our local offices or Application Support Centers"

    oh well, too bad...

  12. sejima

    sejima Registered Users (C)

    hey bobxu

    I got the receipt 1-2 weeks after I mailed the I-90 form. I guess you should call them to find out what happen to your application if you still haven't got the receipt yet

    good luck

  13. testrun

    testrun Registered Users (C)

    I just came from an InfoPass appointment. What a crock. No lines my ***. I had to stand in line for 45 minutes only to be told to wait.... They have no insight on the new process.
  14. ginnu

    ginnu Registered Users (C)

    ------------- you may try to visit ASC with reciept read the experience :
  15. cpzinga

    cpzinga Registered Users (C)

    I have e-filed I-90 on July 6th. I have paid only $ 70 as my card wan never received. I didn't pay $ 185. My passport's I551 stamp will expire on July 15th.
    I got the I-797C receipt on 8th July.
    As others have mentioned, there is no additional information on that notice. I have sceduled an infopass appointment with local (ASC) office for 26th July. I don't know if my biometrics will be done that day or not but I think at least they will stamp on my passport.
  16. ginnu

    ginnu Registered Users (C)

  17. sejima

    sejima Registered Users (C)

    to cpzinga:

    i thought that starting from may 31, 05, applicants for green card renewal cannot schedule an infopass appointment (This is what they said in their homepage). But if your method works, i'll definitely follow! I really need the stamp on my passport.

    was there a barcode on your I-797C receipt?


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  18. cpzinga

    cpzinga Registered Users (C)


    I have e-filed I-90. But since I need to get my passport stamped with I551, I can take the I-797 receipt and go to local INS office and get I-551 stamp on my passport. For this, I have taken Infopass appointment.

    Yes. There is barcode on my I-797 receipt.
  19. phoenixsaint

    phoenixsaint Registered Users (C)


    I have several question relevant to this thread:

    1. My GC issued to me last year (April 04)
    2. I just lost my GC several days ago.
    3. Do I need to apply I-90?
    4. How long does it take to get GC reissued?
    5. Do I need to go to local UCIS during this process?
    6. Do I need to give them new photos, new finger print? (they already took
    finger prints as well as photos for the lost GC card )
    7. What is InfoPass?
    8. Why the f**k does it cost $255 to get reissued due to lost card?

    Thanks for the support guys.
  20. phoenixsaint

    phoenixsaint Registered Users (C)

    What is the procedure to apply I-90 for lost GC? What items must be
    prepared? And must I go down the UCIS for application submittal?


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