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I-90 - Biometrics

Discussion in 'The Physical Green Card' started by powerman, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. powerman

    powerman Registered Users (C)


    We have paper file I-90 to renew GC for my mom (completing 10 yrs), we have got Receipt (I-797C) on July 05, 06. How long it take to get biometrics appointment letter? She having a emergency to go out of country,
    Is there any way we can schedule bio appointment without letter?
  2. battelle

    battelle Registered Users (C)

    biometrics appointment

    Did you receive the biometics appointment letter yet?
  3. powerman

    powerman Registered Users (C)

    Yes, we got it, it took 60 days from Receipt Date
  4. battelle

    battelle Registered Users (C)

    I90-biometric appointment

    Where is your location? My mom's green card is expiring. Is efile faster than paper? My friend's mom paper filed I-90 for 10 years expiring on 7/4/06 but didn't receive biometric appointment letter. She worried very much about it. We are in Fremont, CA.
  5. powerman

    powerman Registered Users (C)

    We're in Atlanta GA, it goes to Texas Center, I don't know about the speed difference between efile and paper, please call customer service, you friend's mom should get the bio appointment by now.

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