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I-864 basis for filing affidavit of support

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by walk_run_bike, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. walk_run_bike

    walk_run_bike Registered Users (C)

    Part 2. Basis of Filing Affidavit of Support

    a) I filed/am filing the alien relative petition.

    b) I filed/am filing an alien worker petition on behalf of the intending immigrant, who is related to me as my _____________(relationship).

    I am married to a US citizen and the I-864 form needs to be filled to complete the package. But the above question is throwing me off. I am here on H-1B visa currently. I was wondering if my wife while filling out I-864 should check a or b in the above question.

    - Walk
  2. NBC_June04

    NBC_June04 Registered Users (C)

    Your option is "a"
    Your wife is filling for alien realtive in connection wth her initial I-130 "Petition for Alien Relative" and in support of your I-485.
  3. walk_run_bike

    walk_run_bike Registered Users (C)

    thanks June. May your month overlast all others.

    - Walk

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