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I-751 Evidence

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by dhlunar, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. dhlunar

    dhlunar Registered Users (C)

    I am working on the I-751 package for wife. Hopefully, we should have it in the mail early next week to the Vermont Service Center. However, I have a question on one piece of evidence that I considering submitting.

    My wife traveled to her birth country in late May 2010, and I joined her there in July 2010. While there we had a wedding celebration hosted by her parents, we are submitting photos from this event. However, my question is should I submit copies of our passport pages showing the exit stamp from that country and the entry stamp from when we entered the US? We traveled back together in early August 2010.

    Besides the passport evidence we have the following:
    Cover Letter
    Copy of GC
    Letter regarding rent increase
    Letter from rental office that says we still live here
    Letter from joint credit card that says the date card was open
    Letter from a bank showing the date a joint savings account was opened and current balance
    Statement from another bank with a joint account
    Letter from car insurance company showing we have joint car insurance
    Copies of tax transcripts from 2009 and 2010 showing we filled jointly
    Letter from wife's benefit administrator showing I am listed as a spouse under her insurance
    and of course photos!!!
  2. swtblcn23

    swtblcn23 Registered Users (C)

    We also had our wedding in my home country in March 2011. I did not include a copy of passport with stamp. What I included as evidence of the trip were pictures of the wedding, wedding invitation, an email copy of our flight confirmation, and boarding passes.

    Hope this helps.
  3. dhlunar

    dhlunar Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for the suggestion. I think we have a copy of the flight confirmation somewhere. We had different reservation numbers since we traveled there on different days.
  4. silvermug

    silvermug Registered Users (C)

    Do you have shared insurances on health, dental, and/or vision? I am applying in the last quarter of this year and I plan to include those. I have my spouse as my dependent.

    Same with retirement benefits, pension, 401K, or whatever, showing one is a beneficiary of the other. Even family plan for mobile phones :p

    This is off-topic, but maybe you could give a quick answer: Can one travel outside the country while waiting for USCIS decision? My understanding of the extension letter is so the applicant can continue to stay in the US, legally. But if one goes outside the country, will that letter serve just like the Green Card to reenter the US?
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  5. dhlunar

    dhlunar Registered Users (C)

    Yes, we have joint health insurance through my wife's employer. My wife contacted the benefit administrator for her company and requested, what I think is called, a HIPAA letter that shows us both listed, the type of insurance and the effective date of the insurance.

    We also have a joint credit card and requested a date letter (shows the date the account was opened) and a balance letter that shows the current balance on the card on the day the letter was made.
  6. silvermug

    silvermug Registered Users (C)

    Hi dhlunar... Are you sending a letter, some sort of testament from someone who knows both of you as a married couple? It is in the I-751 Instructions, but not sure if people actually send that... :/
  7. dhlunar

    dhlunar Registered Users (C)

    This time around we didn't send in an affidavit from people knowing us about our marriage. We included two affidavits with our original I-130/I-485 packet, from both people, my mom and a now former co-worker of my wife, who signed the marriage witness book at the county courthouse. I know the instructions for the I-751 mentioned about affidavits but it said MAY INCLUDE but not limited to. Officially, according tot the instructions, the only initial evidence that is required with the I-751, according to the instructions is a copy of both the front and back of the green card.

    I believe the objective of the I-751 form is for USCIS to review the case again to make sure the marriage was entered into in-good-faith.

    I also just got my mail and received our I-751 Receipt Notice from the Vermont Service Center.

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