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i 751 evidence for bona fide marriage - need more evidence?

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by tww49, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. tww49

    tww49 Registered Users (C)

    Here are a list of evidences I'm submitting for I751. I'm slightly worried that this may not be enough evidence since 1) my husband and I don't own a house or have kids or pets together. 2) We also haven't kept any of our plane tickets or trip itinaries from those online resources. 3) As for pictures, we only have taken pictures together twice this year and haven't gone on any trips. But we have pictures and several trips in 2008. 4) Most of our bills are under only one name but we decided to include them anyways.

    For those experienced ppl out there, is this list sufficient enough to submit? Did yall include anything else we might also be able to include here?

    1. I-751 form

    2. Copy of conditional residency card (front and back)

    3. Check of $545, including $465 filing fee and $80 biometric fee

    And additional evidence in support of our marriage in good faith:

    1. Copy of driver’s licenses, showing same residence

    2. Rent lease and two years of renewals

    3. Copies of US federal income tax return, married filing jointly
    a. For year 2007
    b. For year 2008

    4. Copies of recent statements of joint savings and checking account
    a. Joint checking account statement
    b. Joint money market account statement
    c. Joint savings account

    5. Copy of joint car insurance

    6. Copy of joint health insurance card

    7. Copies of recent statements of joint credit cards and utility bills listed under one of our names but shown under the joint address
    a. MasterCard statement
    b. American Express statement
    c. Electricity bill
    d. Cable bill
    e. cell phone bill
    f. washer/dryer rental bill
    g. Water bill
    h. renter’s insurance

    8. Printed online information on 401K with each other as beneficiary

    9. Two original affidavits notified by close friends

    10. Photos of the couple taken since July 2007
  2. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    This list of documents should suffice.


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