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I-751 Affadavit of knowledge template

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by blacksheep, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. blacksheep

    blacksheep Registered Users (C)


    I need to file my I-751 in 60 days or less to remove conditions on residence and the form as for an affidavit. Here is the exact statement:

    "Affidavits sworn to or affirmed by at least two peoplewho have known both of you since your conditionalresidence was granted and have personal knowledge ofyour marriage and relationship. (Such persons may berequired to testify before an immigration officer as to theinformation contained in the affidavit.) The originalaffidavit must be submitted and also contain the followinginformation regarding the person making the affidavit:his or her full name and address; date and place of birth;relationship to you or your spouse, if any; and fullinformation and complete details explaining how theperson acquired his or her knowledge. Affidavits must besupported by other types of evidence listed above"

    Is there a template for this or an INS document already available?

    I cannot find it and was hoping that someone here had some advice regarding this affidavit.

    I plan on contacting an attorney who helped us with our home purchase to see if he can conjure this up.

    Thanks for your timely help!
  2. cherr1980

    cherr1980 Registered Users (C)

  3. blacksheep

    blacksheep Registered Users (C)

    Thanks, that helped a lot!
  4. lexis300

    lexis300 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for the link . . .

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