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I-539 processing delay-Please help (urgent)

Discussion in 'General F Visa and Related Issues' started by kashyapnamuduri, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. kashyapnamuduri

    kashyapnamuduri New Member


    I'm currently on H-1B Visa, and about to go back to school as a Full-time Ph.D student. I've submitted the COS application I-539 to change from H-1B to F1 for starting my Ph.D (in Summer term starting 16th May, 2011) and I'm afraid the processing time shown currently for the Vermont Service Center location (which is where I filed my case) means that the approval would come after the start date of my Ph.D term. Here are the details:

    Date of Filing-03/14/2010 (this is when the USCIS received my application);
    I 797C received from VSC
    Start Date on I 20- 05/16/2011

    I called the USCIS's 1-800 number and requested to Expedite my application-processing. Unfortunately I received a request-denial notice today from them saying that there is no sufficient reason for expediting my application and that it would be processed in normal time.

    I read somewhere that Expediting is possible in my case since I have a valid reason (my I-20 start date fall within the current processing times), and that I should try making the request through Fax instead of calling the 1-800 number. Now my question is: would requesting for expediting again after it was rejected once, affect the decision on my application? Or do you think there is no harm in trying again? Does anyone have any idea on this? Please advise, I need to do something to make sure I don't lose a complete term and sit idle for 4 months!

    Thank You,
  2. kashyapnamuduri

    kashyapnamuduri New Member

    Please help me out

    Can someone please answer my question on how to request for expediting my I-539 application? And is it OK to request for it the second time when it was denied the before? My classes start in a couple of weeks and I'm in risk of losing 1 complete term and also be out of job (I should stop working right after my COS is approved).

    Thank You
  3. dulshani

    dulshani New Member

    Did you get any reply? im in the same situation they have denied my expedite request.
    Did u send an email regarding the need of expedite of your case to the vermont center 2nd time?pls reply if u can.
    Thank u


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