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I-485 filing and details of approvals

Discussion in '485 issues in Nebraska Service Center' started by ms2406, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. ms2406

    ms2406 Registered Users (C)

    I would like to share my I-485 filing dates and approvals.

    Filing center - Nebraska
    Priority date - 30th Oct 2007

    7th Nov 2011 - 485, EAD, Adv parole and I-140 filing - concurrent filing
    8th Nov 2011 - received the receipts
    17h Nov 2011 - received I-140 approval
    Visited India on vacation from 22nd Nov, went for H1b extension stamping
    23rdth Nov 2011 - received notice for biometric
    15th Dec 2011 - biometric completed
    20th Dec 2011 - EAD and parole approved
    24th Dec 2011 - received EAD card

    I'm just waiting for my I-485 approval. I'm not sure when I will receive my approval for 485 but hoping for the best.

    If anyone has received teh I-485 approval during aug, sep, oct or Nov 2007 priority dates, please post the details as I'm looking at dates and waiting for the approval


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