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I-140. How to fill Part 6 in self petition (EB-1)

Discussion in 'National Interest Waiver and EB1' started by panenka, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. panenka

    panenka New Member

    I'm planning to file I-140 for the EB-1 category (Extraordinary Ability). This category allows for self-petition. No job offer is required in this category.

    The question I have is: how does one fill Part 6 of the I-140 form?

    This section is supposed to be about the proposed employment, but in self-petition you don't actually need to have a job proposed when applying. I do not have a proper job offer in front of me, (even though I have prospects in a particular place), and therefore I have no knowledge of address, wages or if it would be a new position. What should I say? Should I just use my current job as a generic description of the job that I will do? Right now, I am a full time researcher in a job that has an expiration date.

    I would appreciate any help from somebody who was in the same situation, especially if you were successful with it. The same question appeared once in the forum, but no answers were given and (amazingly) google does not provide any better clues, so getting an answer here would be very useful for the community in general.

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. jk0274

    jk0274 Registered Users (C)

    You can either print your current job or leave it blank. You may get an RFE later when your I-485 is processed asking you for proof of current employment, at which point you can just send an employment verification letter from your future employer whoever that is.

    Even though the category doesn't require a sponsor, USCIS has regularly asked applicants for proof that they are employed, mostly to show that they are working in the same area of expertise as the petition claims.

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