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I-131 (Travel Document)

Discussion in 'Temporary Visas - OTHER Than The Ones Mentioned' started by f1ocu, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. f1ocu

    f1ocu Registered Users (C)

    HI, i have questions regarding travel document (i-131).

    1) How fast they process i-131 at this moment?
    2) If we apply today, how possible we can get approved by May, 2011 (4 - 5 months from now)

    Thank You
  2. elcupacabras

    elcupacabras Registered Users (C)

    On average around 60-90 days.
  3. cafeconleche

    cafeconleche Registered Users (C)

    Really? Not 6 months?
  4. elcupacabras

    elcupacabras Registered Users (C)

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 13, 2011

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