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I-131 question - class of admission??

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by rocky_rock, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. rocky_rock

    rocky_rock Registered Users (C)

    1. can anyone please tell me what to fill in for "class of admission" on I-131 form??

    2. Also on Part 7, it says - "please explain on a separate sheet of paper how you qualify for an advance parole"......Do we really have to explain this on a sheet????
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  2. sahil3

    sahil3 Registered Users (C)

    your name:
    your address:

    June 1, 2007

    Citizenship & Immigration Service
    Nebraska Service Center
    Lincoln, NE 68501

    RE: A-xxx-xx-xx (if you have one..)
    Application For Advance Parole

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    The purpose of this letter is to request an advance parole document. I anticipate that I will be required to travel abroad for personal reasons to India and elsewhere. I will return to the United States to pursue my adjustment of status application. For this reason, I respectfully request that you grant my request an advance parole valid for multiple entries for as long as possible under your current guidelines.

    Thank you for your kind consideration of this application.

  3. rocky_rock

    rocky_rock Registered Users (C)

    Does "class of admission" means status of last entry in the US? Last time I had entered US was on F-1, although currently I am on H-1.
  4. inetuser

    inetuser Registered Users (C)

    Class is in passport

    When you entered U.S. last time, your passport would have been stamped with "Admitted" and "Class until". You need to enter this
  5. civ2ru

    civ2ru Registered Users (C)

    "Class of admission" and "current status" are 2 separate things. It's perfectly acceptable to have F-1 as your class of admission and H-1 as your current status. If you still doubt, attach a separate sheet of paper with explanation... But more than likely, they'll get the situation from the attached copy of your I-94 and of your latest H-1 approval notice.
  6. rocky_rock

    rocky_rock Registered Users (C)

    I spoke to my lawyer and she said to leave "class of admission" blank since you do not have a green card yet......Is she right??????
  7. civ2ru

    civ2ru Registered Users (C)

    What? How odd. All I can say is that I put my entry visa info as "Class of admission" and was approved with no problems or RFEs.
  8. geofu54

    geofu54 Registered Users (C)

    Actually, we had the same question...

    And though a bit old, we find murthy.com says this in I-131 means "current status."


    Still not perfectly sure though... my spouse will fill out this blank as H1-b (current status) and attach explanation in a separate sheet because her entry status was different (student visa).

  9. civ2ru

    civ2ru Registered Users (C)


    Beats me... But then I am not an attorney. If you trust murthy.com, then go with their interpretation (and attaching an explanation on a separate sheet is an excellent idea!). Make sure you provide full documentation for your current status, as well as the status of your last entry.

    Besides, the explanation given at murthy.com sounds MUCH MORE plausible than the one given by rocky_rock's lawyer, "to leave "class of admission" blank since you do not have a green card yet". Putting in current status as "class of admission" makes much more sense that that. Good luck!
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  10. jk0274

    jk0274 Registered Users (C)

    Come on, people..

    Class of admission: The visa you had when you were stamped in at the airport (written on your I-94 card by the immigration inspector). If Advanced Parole, then state "Advanced Parole".

    Current Status: If you are on the same visa, then same class as above. If you adjusted to any other status in the US after your last entry, then that is your current status.

    Now if people want to go by the Murthy definition, then that's fine. Your application won't be denied by this little discrepancy since you will still be including the evidence of your status anyway. Murthy is for the most part a good site, but they have displayed some incorrect info before, including a pretty major piece of misinformation recently (I can't remember what exactly now, but it's in my previous posts).
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  11. geofu54

    geofu54 Registered Users (C)

    Hey civ2ru and jk0274,

    Thanks for the reply. Actually, my understanding is the same as yours. We searched online just to make doubly sure and found the murthy's article, which confused us (hence "still not perfectly sure though..." in my previous post).

    Either way, we will take the safe side and include both the information with a clear explanation. Yeah, MUCH BETTER to leave it blank, no doubt about it ;)

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