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I-130 Evidence-Photos?

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by Eiredpf, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Eiredpf

    Eiredpf Registered Users (C)

    Hey just quick question regarding sending proof of relationship along with I-130.
    We are sending marriage cert, joint bank account docs, lease, bills etc but should we also include some photos? I ve known my wife for nearly 4 years now so we have an absolute ton of photos but were thinking maybe we should just bring these to the interview rather than sending some in?
    Any and all advice greatly appreciated.
  2. thomas_psu

    thomas_psu Registered Users (C)

    Doesn't hurt to send a few copies. In most cases, the IO asks you for copies of pics at the time of your interview.
  3. JackDan

    JackDan Registered Users (C)

    do this: submit 10 photos (color) from different holidays, occassions, with family, different friends, from wedding (important), etc, then on the interviewe important take coupel albums to show its not just a bunch of developed photos, its a family album (bring like 2, or 3).
  4. Eiredpf

    Eiredpf Registered Users (C)

    Ah thanks for your help, but we just sent off our package yesterday with no photos. The wife is putting them in albums with captions all ready for the interview. Hopefully we dont get an RFE, but if we do we ll send them on some photos. Thanks folks.
  5. dhlunar

    dhlunar Registered Users (C)

    I didn't send any photos except for the passport size photos that were required. I haven't received an RFE.
  6. Eiredpf

    Eiredpf Registered Users (C)

    Great, thanks for that dhlunar, encouraging update! Sent in all my passport photos :)
  7. thomas_psu

    thomas_psu Registered Users (C)

    You wont get an RFE for not sending photos! It is just an add-on evidence. We send a few photos but the only thing we were asked at the interview was some photos! So we showed the same set we had previously send.
  8. ArrenRedd

    ArrenRedd New Member

    Hey brother, I hope your i130 process went well and easy... I'm now applying for i130 as well. Do you think it's important to send photos for evidence ?

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