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I-130 application for parents with name spelling is different from birth certificate

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by rust123, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. rust123

    rust123 New Member

    I need to apply for my passport and my parents’ green card. My father's first name spelling is different from my birth certificate than his passport. Last name has no change. (example, Birth certificate has Xappuz <last name> and Passport has Xppuz <last name>).

    Which option should I choose for my passport application and my father's I-130 petition?

    Option 1:
    1. Apply my passport with father's name according to birth certificate.
    2. In I-130 application section C.1 use father's name according to his passport and in section C.7 (other name previously used) use my father's name used in birth certificate.
    3. Does this name's spelling difference falls into legal name change clause? If so what documents my father need to provide?

    Option 2:
    1. Apply my passport with father's name according to his passport and provide legal name change document. Will it cause a delay in my passport application processing?

    For my Mother's I-130 application, section C.17 (Husband's information) should I use my father's passport name or my birth certificate's name? Her passport has husband's name same to my father's passport.


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