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How to upgrade a pending I-130 petition after becoming a US Citizen

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by COLOHIO, Aug 30, 2008.


    COLOHIO Registered Users (C)


    I applied I-130 for my wife with my Green Card status. I will have my Citizenship Oath on September 17, 2008.
    I want to upgrade the I-130 petition after the oath ceremony.

    Please provide your experience on upgrading a pending I-130 petition after you became US Citizen.

    1. Do I just call the 1-800-375-5283 number and tell them that I have become a US Citizen?
    2. Should I fax CSC (949-389-3219) a letter requesting the status upgrade along with the copies of Naturalization Certificate, and I-130 Receipt Notice?
    3. Should I send the letter and the copies of Naturalization Certificate, and I-130 Receipt Notice to the Chicago Lock Box for I-130?
    4. Should I send the letter and the copies of Naturalization Certificate, and I-130 Receipt Notice to the CSC Mailing Address?
    5. How do I follow up to verify that USCIS has updated the status in its system? Does USCIS send any confirmation letter after updating the status?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Nimche

    Nimche Registered Users (C)


    COLOHIO Registered Users (C)

    Thanks Nimche! I will do the same (fax the I-130 upgrade form to CSC).
    Good Luck with your wife's case!
  4. Nimche

    Nimche Registered Users (C)

    As for number 5 in your list, I could have contaced them anytime by calling the USCIS number and choose option for RFE. That would transfer you to CSC and you could talk to an agent in the building and they had more access to information. but as of last week they don't have that option and I couldn't find anything to get in touch with them. If you want to grasp more understanding of this process, you can visit visajourney.com and on the forum look for CR1-IR1 or if you want to bring your spouse here under non-immigrant visa then K3 (I don't really recommand it in your situation)

    Not to mention, If I were you I would send fax and mail hard copy (certified) to CSC to make sure they got it. USually they will send you a letter explaining that in such date we recieved your upgeade and we will notify you within 60 days from date of this notice for our final desicion.

    Just to let you know, If you have been married by the time you go to embassy for more than two years then your catagory will be IR-1 and less than two years will say as CR-1 (which receives conditional greencard and has to be removed)

    Good luck with your case, I tried to explain it as short as possible.
  5. F2A04

    F2A04 Registered Users (C)

    Upgrading I-130 (NVC step)


    I have similar type of confusion. I have filled I-130 for my wife in August 2004 and got approved in September 2004 (within a month). Then the case was transferred to NVC. As you all know, I stocked in “visa availability” ever since. Recently, I have received AOS (Affidavit of Support) fee bill and a copy of DS-3032. I have paid fee and sent DS-3032 to my wife overseas. My interview for citizenship is scheduled on 19th of September. I need to upgrade my petition after my citizenship. Does anyone have any idea how to do it with NVC? Your response will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you
  6. Nimche

    Nimche Registered Users (C)

    Here is their contact info at NVC


    I would say, call them and email your request + mail it in hard copy as well.

    You poor thaing, it has been a while you guys are seperated. Sorry man. Let me know if I can help

    Question: Is your wife here with you or overseas?

    COLOHIO Registered Users (C)

    I will follow your suggestion and fax and mail the upgrade request. Thanks again for sharing the information!
  8. hlesmana

    hlesmana Registered Users (C)

    I-130 Upgrade vs Concurrent Fillings

    Hi all,

    When my wife is a gc holder, she submitted I-130 for me as the spouse of LPR. In this coming September 26, 2008, she will be oathed to become a US Citizen. My question is: Would it be better to withdraw the I-130 application and submit a new one together with I-485 etc, after she is naturalized or can she just call the USCIS asking to have the I-130 upgraded and then I submit the I-485 etc together with the I-130 receipt from USCIS? Most of the threads that I read says that we have to file I-130 and I-485 etc concurrently. I'm not sure if my wife just call to upgrade the I-130 means that I could send the I-485 before I receive I-130 notice of approval. Please help me, Thank you very much!
  9. vijo

    vijo Registered Users (C)

    I130 upgrade

    Hi Friends,

    Please let me know how much time it will take for I-130 to be approved for my wife filed on April-06-2006. I became citizen on sep-21-2009 and called USCIS to upgrade my file.

    Thanks in advance

    Time line
    04-06-2006 I130 filed for wife.
    09-21-2009 Became USA citizen.
    09-23-2009 Upgrade i130 via phone.
    09-30-2009 Upgrade confirmation letter received.
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