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How to get ICE / DHS Homeland Security Immigration Bond Money back (Return)...

Discussion in 'Tax, Social Security and Fin' started by ImmigrationBond, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. ImmigrationBond

    ImmigrationBond New Member

    On October 20, 2006 I had paid an Immigration Bond in the
    amount of $ 2,500 to "ICE"
    (Immigration & Custom Enforcement)
    in El Paso / Texas,
    which was fully reimbursed on April of 2009!

    The US Authorities are very correct and honest,
    and I just have received a Check in the amount of $ 2573.97
    (also see photo Copy of the check, I have received)

    Conditions of getting a refund of the paid bond is,
    that the immigrant has to show up to all schedduled Court Hearings though,
    and also to notify the ICE and / or Immigration-Court Authorities
    of any change of address.

    Purpose of the Immigration Bond is only to make sure, that the Immigrant will show up to all schedduled Court hearings, and that he will not be on the run...

    The Refund of the Immigration Court Bond did not depend on the outcome of the decision of the Immigration Court Authorities.
    So it doesn't matter of a positive or negative outcome and decison the Court may determine.
    The Immigrant only has to follow up with the conditions and terms
    of the Bond, which mainly means to show to ALL
    Immigration Court Hearings though!

    A refund of the Immigration Bond also did not depend, if or when the Immigrant may have a lawyer or will hire a lawyer, or if he has no lawyer at all.

    There is also the possibility, to send a Refund (Check) worldwide into foreign countries outside the US, like as show with the Check I have received, and which was send to Germany.

    It is also possible, to cash that check in a foreign bank, but additional Bank fees may apply, and they are no refundable though!

    I'am sure, there is thousands and thousands of Immigrants, who are already been posted and paid a Bond, and who are also complied with the terms and condition of the Immigration Bond, and dont know, how and if they can get their Bond Money back.
    The Mayority of those Immigrants, I'am sure, are outside of the US,
    which will make more hard and difficult to accomplish to get the Bond Money back.

    Anybody, who may need help, Tipps or advice of any kind are welcome to get in Contact with me!

    My Address is written down on the Check, which you will see above!

    I ask, to write me only in English or German language though!

    Unfortunatelly, I do not speak, write nor understand Spanish!

    Very truly yours...

    The Pictures of the check are visible in my profile!
    Just click on my homepage!
  2. ImmigrationBond

    ImmigrationBond New Member

    Text in German Language

    Immigration and Custom Enforcement) and DHS (Department of Homeland Security)
    Immigration Bond Money return....

    Ich habe am 20.October 2006 bei ICE (Immigration and Custom Enforcement)
    bzw. dem DHS (Department of Homeland Security)
    in El Paso/Texas USA
    einen Immigration Bond (Kaution) in Höhe von $ 2500 US-Dollar bezahlt,
    welches mir nach Abschluß des Verfahrens vor dem USA Immigration Gericht
    nun in voller Höhe zurückerstattet worden ist.

    Die USA Behörden sind da aber sehr korrekt und ehrlich,
    und ich habe im April 2009 sogar einen Betrag in Höhe von $ 2573.97 zurückerstattet erhalten
    (siehe auch eingescannten Check von der United States Treasury)!

    Vorraussetzung einer Rückerstattung der Kaution ist allerdings, dass man zu allen Immigration Gerichtsverhandlungen
    erscheinen, und auch jeglichen Wohnsitzwechsel bei der Behörde, d.h. bei ICE (Immigration and Custom Enforcement)
    und / oder dem
    Immigration Gericht anzeigen muß!

    Der Sinn und Zweck der Kaution ist lediglich nur, dass gewährleistet wird, dass der Immigrant nicht "untertaucht"
    und zu allen Verhandlungen vor dem Immigration-Gericht erscheint!

    Die Rückzahlung der Kaution ist keinesfalls von dem Ausgang des Verfahrens vor dem USA Immigration Gericht abhängig,
    d.h. selbst bei Positivem als auch bei negativem Ausgang kann und wird diese Kaution vom USA Staat zurückerstattet,
    wenn man die oben genannnten Bedingungen einhält und erfüllt!

    Die Rückzahlung der Kaution ist auch nicht davon abhängig, ob man nun vor dem Immigration Gericht
    anwaltlich vertreten worden ist oder nicht!

    Die Rückzahlung der Kaution kann und wird auch ins weltweite Ausland vorgenommen
    (siehe eingescannten Check), so wie in meinem Beispiel wurde der Check nach Deutschland geschickt!

    Dieser Check kann auch in Deutschland bei der hiesigen Bank eingelöst werden, wobei da sicherlich noch seitens der
    Bank Gebühren erhoben , die dann leider nicht von der USA-Behörde erstattet werden können !

    Leider gibt es jedoch viele Tausende von Immigrants, die bereits eine Kaution gezahlt , und auch die Kautionbedingungen
    eingehalten haben, und jetzt nicht wissen, wie sie die berechtigterweise zustehende Kaution zurückerstattet bekommen können.
    Der Überweigende Teil dieser Immigrants dürfte sich nun außerhalb der USA aufhalten, was die Sache mithin noch mehr erschwert.

    Wer Hilfe, Tipps und Ratschläge benötigt, kann sich gerne schriftlich an meine Anschrift in Deutschland wenden,
    die im Check niedergeschrieben steht!
  3. USNative

    USNative New Member

    WOW 2 Years?!?

    Sorry, I have a few questions. I am going through trying to get this refund now and other than an address to mail paperwork to I don't really know how this works. So...

    I understand that some of this time was probably spent waiting on court dates after the bail was paid. Was the immigrant you bailed out set for voluntary deportation?

    After requesting your refund how long did it take to receive it? I was actually thinking it would be about 6 weeks. Is that just wishful thinking?

    Other than the bond receipt and contract what else is needed to mail in? I hear that you have to wait for a I-351 do you know if this is true for voluntary deportations as well? How long will it take to receive this form?

    I wish I could mail you to make sure you get this but Germany is very far away from here. I don't mind at all a response to my aol account BamaBelle0385@aol.com. Thanks!
  4. GNR_

    GNR_ New Member

    Immigration bond refund


    When immigration bonds are cancelled, ICE notifies the Debt Management Center of the cancelled bond. After the cancellation is process (and this can take quite a long time), the obligor receives a Form I-391 Notice - Immigration Bond Cancelled. The obligor is instructed to file for a refund of the principal and any accrued interest.

    When cash bonds are breached, ICE notifies the obligor through a Form I-323 (Notice - Immigration Bond Breached). ICE is entitled to keep the principal amount from breached bonds. However, the obligor is entitled to receive a payment of accrued interest.

    If you have posted a cash bond as an obligor and believe that you are owed monies by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement pertaining to a cancelled (principal plus interest) or breached (interest only) immigration bond, please follow these instructions:

    1. If you have the original bond receipt (Form I-305) and your copy of the bond contract (Form I-352), mail Form I-305 and Form I-352 to the address listed below.

    2. If you do not have the original receipt (Form I-305), please complete Form I-395 (Affidavit in Lieu of Lost Receipt of United States Immigration and Naturalization Service for Collateral Accepted as Security) and mail a notarized original to the address listed below. Include a copy of the bond contract (Form I-352) if you have it.

    Please forward bond documents or questions to:

    Debt Management Center
    Attention: Bond Unit
    P.O. Box 5000
    Williston, VT 05495-5000

    Telephone: (802) 288-7600
    Facsimile: (802) 288-1226

    I posted this thread to help others in finding some answers on how to get their immigration bond money back. I usually dont post blogs but i did it this time because i saw that there's not much info on the internet about this issue.
    I hope it will help.
    God Bless !
  5. mdmm

    mdmm Registered Users (C)

    I am a Canadian citizen living and working in Canada, NINE years.
    Nine years ago,when i was in New york,my ex wife gave me very hard time againa and again and made it impossible for me to stay and live in USA.As a result i migrated to Canada (in March-2000) where I am living very happy with my family .
    When i was leaving New york, nine years ago,I received letters from my ex-wife and us court immigration,dept of justice court,to defend myself against immigration allegations against me from my ex-wife.I was arrested and put into a immigration jail in New Jersey.I contacted some lawyer and paid ten thousands dollars for bail.I appeared in New jersey court and decided to immigrate to Canada ,because all allegation were totally false and she was threatened me to put more such allegation again and aagain.Now I want my bail money of ten thousands dollars back.Kindly let me know ,how can I get that money back.I cannot visit USA ,due to expected ten years bar on me to visit USA.
    I am a Canadian citizen and donot want to live or visite USA .
    Nazar H. Malik
    I have expired Alied card and SSN NUMBER with me.
  6. mchg52

    mchg52 New Member

    Did you get your refund?
  7. maximina

    maximina New Member

    Thank You!


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