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How to fill I-589 Nunc Pro Tunc Application

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by elly, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. elly

    elly Registered Users (C)

    How to fill I-589 Nunc Pro Tunc Application. Need help from Thankful or anyone else

    Hi, I really need someones help. My situation is like this I'm a derived asylee. Asylum was granted in feb 2010.
    Now my husband and I'm getting a divorce and ofcourse I will lose my status, I need to know what I can do to keep my status.
    I've been searching on these forums and came across post saying that I have to file Nunc Pro Tunc. I have no idea how to file it as my husband was granted asylum and nothing really happened to me so what do I put down. I'm really confused and worried.

    I dont have much time and need help soon. Any help would be appreciated.

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  2. BigJoe5

    BigJoe5 Registered Users (C)

    If you were granted asylum in Feb 2010 why are you still an asylee in April 2012? You became eligible to file an I-485 one year after grant of asylum.

    Delay the divorce until you BOTH get greencards. Do you two hate each other so much that you can't wait?

    And don't try to say it was too expensive! Asylees seeking adjustment are one of the few who ARE ALLOWED to request a FEE WAIVER and collect public assistance.
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  3. elly

    elly Registered Users (C)

    My husband has applied for adjustment of status and waiting on a decision, its been more than a year. we didn't have enough funds to apply for all 3 of us ( our daughter) we could not ask for a FEE WAIVER because his mum had put some properties on his name and we thought that it will cause a problem if we had asked for a waiver. As to if we hate each other so much or not, is none of any ones concern. I asked for help regarding to what I need to do and how to file Nunc pro tunc as I have not been persecuted and dont know what to fill in the I-589 and how to go about it.

    Thank you for replying.
  4. scully51

    scully51 Registered Users (C)

    I'm sorry for your circumstances, going through a divorce isn't easy much less when there are immigration consequences.

    I actually received my asylum after filing a Non Pro Tunc petition. I was on my mother's asylum application and after a long story of difficulties I had to file my own petition. However, one thing that's different is my mother's application was never granted and always on pending status. You say asylum was granted, are you sure you need to file your own petition after you have already been granted asylum?

    I think because of the uniqueness of your case you should consult a lawyer, there are a lot of Pro-bono immigration lawyers that can help if funds are an issue.

    I wish you and your family the best on this painful journey.
  5. elly

    elly Registered Users (C)

    Thank you Scully for replying. My husband is the PA so I am a derived asylee after the divorce comes through since I will no longer be his spouse I lose my status. How did you fill out the form for asylum did you have to show that you were persecuted? I'm so in need of help, just dont know what to do. How do I go about finding Pro-bono immigration lawyers? I've tried searching the net but no success.
  6. BigJoe5

    BigJoe5 Registered Users (C)

  7. elly

    elly Registered Users (C)

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