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How much time after DS 230 ?

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by nishantshah19, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. nishantshah19

    nishantshah19 Registered Users (C)

    I m from India. I sent my DS 230 form to NVC 2 weeks ago and there is no reply as yet..

    I wanted to know how much time would it take for them to reply and allot the dates for Medical Exam ?..

    Please reply.. BTW.. Mumbai Consulate is where I would be going for the interview.. Is it like if the consulate is busy then it might take more time ?
  2. namecheckvictim

    namecheckvictim Registered Users (C)

    It should be 3-6 weeks for you to get the email after your DS 230 was recieved with the scheduled interview date of 4-6 weeks from when you will receive the email. It will ask you to do get the medical done few days before the interview date. You will make the appointment for medical yourself. Let's hope all the papers are in order with the DS-230.
  3. hypoesse

    hypoesse Registered Users (C)

    What's DS 230? When do you file it and in what circumstanceS? Please share.
  4. nishantshah19

    nishantshah19 Registered Users (C)

    The form has to be filled and sent to the NVC along with the documents required with it.. It has 2 parts.. 1st part is to be signed and sent.. And the other part is to be signed at the time of interview..
  5. eastindi

    eastindi Registered Users (C)

    Hi nishantshah19,

    Any updates on your case? I submitted mine a month back. No updates yet.

  6. hypoesse

    hypoesse Registered Users (C)

    Who sends the DS320 - the foreign spouse or the petitioner?
  7. VisaNutz

    VisaNutz Registered Users (C)

    It's the Immigrant Visa applicant that completes the DS-230. If your case, the foreign spouse.
  8. freshb

    freshb Registered Users (C)

    me,beneficiary, in the same situation. category F2A,submitted to NVC all documents on first week of oct.by my wife (gc),petitioner,along with ds230 form signed by me.still no response.
    and i have no idea how i should prepare interview.and i worry if i have to show my bank account and property.
  9. hypoesse

    hypoesse Registered Users (C)

    Okay so Nishantshah and Eastindi, I've almost reached that stage now..
    Please kindly tell me how much did it take for you guys to get the case completed at NVC and be assigned an interview date?? And how much more time after that for the Visa?? I would be highly obliged!!

    Also, what exactly happens right after you submit it?? There is nothing else that's needed to be submitted for the NVC process to complete right??
  10. hypoesse

    hypoesse Registered Users (C)

    Hi, what is exactly the F2A category?? When a permanent resident files for a spouse??
    I some what have the same thing going on, except that my spouse who's filed for me is a USC.
  11. freshb

    freshb Registered Users (C)

    if your wife s USC you are immediate relative that means you donot fall in F2A ..and you donot need to wait for i mean visa number for you is not limited like we F2a should wait after filed till visa number or Pd become current.
  12. hypoesse

    hypoesse Registered Users (C)

    Oh yes my husband is a USC... then that means approximately how long should it take for the interview to get scheduled etc after the NVC process gets completed?? When we're done submitting everything to NVC how much more long does it take for them to give us an interview date and then how much TILL the interview?? How many weeks am i looking at here??
  13. Miss galaxy

    Miss galaxy New Member

    this forum has been very helpful to me....well my husband has set himself an an agent and we had submitted DS 230 two weeks back...i just wanted to know how can we check the case status at NVC ....and also how long will it take for them to schedule an interview??

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