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how much money did it cost you to become a US citizen? (from start to finish)

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by Ned50, May 2, 2008.

  1. Ned50

    Ned50 New Member

    I was just looking back at all the documents and other stuff from
    the very beginning... :)

    At the very beginning, there was the fee paid for appying for the
    immigrant visa(greencard), hospital fees(required medical exam),
    notary fees(to get documents translated and notarized), photos,
    and a bunch of other official required fees/charges.... (can't remember
    how much in total, but must be well over USD$1000)

    Fast forward 5 years... I filed for naturalization... so there's the
    $400 N-400 application fee, cost for new photos, etc....

    So I'm guessing almost $1500+.... Is it about the same for
    everybody? :) (from applying for greencard to finally becoming
    a citizen)
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  2. xenogear

    xenogear Registered Users (C)

    $400 for the application + $12 for photos + $116 for Passport....becoming a U.S. Citizen, Priceless :D
  3. Ned50

    Ned50 New Member

    Priceless indeed! :)
  4. Vorpal

    Vorpal Registered Users (C)

    I don't remember how much my parents paid for the GC processing, as this was years ago, but as far as the N-400 itself goes, I'd say I'm up to somewhere between $850-$900 by now. This includes the fees for obtaining various paperwork and various miscellaneous expenses.

    Oh yeah, I also had to renew my GC once, which was $185 at the time.
  5. Ladybuggy

    Ladybuggy Registered Users (C)

    A LOT !!!!!!!!

    Well let's start off with GC ... I was pregnant during the process so they were only able to start of with partial medical exam. Then you have to say the US Embassy was about 3 hours away from where we lived and it was required to have the medical exam done by the recommended doctor that the US Embassy has chosen. So after my son was born I had to go back again and again and again because in order to get the immunizations I had to take a pregnancy test before. Well since I had just given birth it came back positive and they wouldn't give me the immunizations OR the x-ray. So with traveling 3 hours there and 3 hours back, the fees, the doctor fees, the gas money and just little things that go with it about 3 Grand probably.

    I would say for Citizenship ... about 800. You have to say 400 for the fee and then the rest is gas money and other little things since it was a 4 hour roundtrip several times to either one place or another.

    At the end though ... paying almost 4 Grand for the right to call myself an american I have to agree with xeno and ned ... PRICELESS
  6. Vorpal

    Vorpal Registered Users (C)

    I have to agree that price is DEFINITELY not the objective, especially when you get to reap the greatest reward imaginable..NEVER HAVING TO DEAL WITH USCIS AGAIN!;)
  7. Bobsmyth

    Bobsmyth Volunteer Moderator

    I saw a late night infomercial infomercial offering US citizenship for $19.99 plus shipping and handling ..operators are standing by..:D
  8. LolaLi

    LolaLi Active Member

    LOL @ Bobdmyth. Do we get the option of rush delivery? Or is it the standard 300-500 days delivery/processing time frame?

    I'm around the $3000 mark myself, but that includes everything: green card process, travel documents, pictures, I-130, and n-300 process.

    Aside from it being priceless, if you factor the number of years I've been in this country it amounts to very little per annum. So the cost is far less than other things when looked at from this perspective.
  9. Jojo72

    Jojo72 Registered Users (C)

    okay here's the tab and I am probably forgetting some stuff but here is most of it:
    passport pics twice: $ 20
    n-400 fee incl biometrics : $ 675
    gas money to drive up to fingerprinting office: $ 35
    gas/hotel/food to go all the way to Atlanta for interview and oath: $ 200
    new driver's license :$ 10
    passport with expedited service: $ 190

    total cost: $ 1130
    finally being Citizen of the United States of America: PRICELESS :):):)
  10. Thoughtful

    Thoughtful Registered Users (C)

    Sorry only the standard "delivery/processing time frame is available". ANd if you happen to get stuck in the name check, add about 1200 days to that (maybe more).
    THe cost is not a bigdeal for me either, getting to be a US citizen is priceless. Having not deal with the USCIS again calls for extra celebration.

  11. Bobsmyth

    Bobsmyth Volunteer Moderator

    Dang..only now did I see the small print:

    "Shipping costs and delivery times may vary" :D
  12. amasamas

    amasamas Registered Users (C)

    Well as of this moment I am not done yet, so I don t exactly know how much it will really cost,
    but considering N400 costs $400 in fees.
    Then lets just hope they won't change its name to N5000
  13. synn_r

    synn_r Registered Users (C)

    So far it has cost be about $100... Thank goodness cause I am broke as hell....
  14. Ned50

    Ned50 New Member

    only $100 for N-400? Did you get a special USCIS coupon or something? :D
  15. sobelle

    sobelle Registered Users (C)

    In my case it was pricy verses priceless!!! $9,000 GC and Citizenship included. Now I have to see if anybody in this forum can beat that!
  16. GhantaBro

    GhantaBro Registered Users (C)

    all this money and time spent will be worth it as soon as I get my citizenship ... that I know for sure.
  17. Ladybuggy

    Ladybuggy Registered Users (C)

    OMG this just made me spit my coffee out because I had to laugh so hard.

    A $100 I don't understand myself either
  18. Vorpal

    Vorpal Registered Users (C)


    synn_r is an active member of the military. That should answer everyone's question. :)
  19. GhantaBro

    GhantaBro Registered Users (C)

    No wonder she is broke.
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  20. Vorpal

    Vorpal Registered Users (C)


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