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How Long to Wait for Biometrics Notice?

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by Jesse_t, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Jesse_t

    Jesse_t Registered Users (C)


    Filed for AOS (marriage based) and have received notice of receipt for both AOS and EAD, however was told not to call for biometrics appointment (even thou I have the ASC codes), to wait for the notice.

    Has anyone, received a biometrics appointment notice? If so, how long was the wait after receiving the Notice of Action receipt?

    Thanks ... Jesse
  2. vandelay

    vandelay Registered Users (C)

    RD of Aug 3rd
    ND of Aug 5th

    Had same letter, unsuccessfully attempted walk-in and am still awaiting the damn appointment notification...
  3. Applicant2005

    Applicant2005 Registered Users (C)

    Biometric notice

    Hi Jesse_t,

    What is meant by unsuccessful walk-in? Can you please explain that.
    I have applied by DORA on 25th July and am still waiting for this letter.

  4. Jesse_t

    Jesse_t Registered Users (C)

    It means that you simply show up at your local USICS office without an appointment and attempt to get fingerprinted. If successfull, this approach may be risky in that your real appointment may have already been scheduled. Technically, if you've received your NOA for EAD/AOS with ASC codes, then if you have a photo id (i.e. driver's license or passport), you have all you need for your fingerprinting. I will still not take the chance and will wait till I get the boimetrics notice in the mail.

    - Jesse
  5. gringo

    gringo Registered Users (C)

    Similar case

    RD: 8/3
    ND: 8/5

    No FP scheduled yet (my I-485 receipt says to wait for USCIS to schedule), but the I-485 appointment has already been scheduled for October! Strange...
  6. Jesse_t

    Jesse_t Registered Users (C)

    Gringo, I assume that you will get the biometrics notice before your 3 months of filing have passed. It is required for the EAD and 3 months is the maximum time to wait for EAD before you can get it at walk-in thru infopass apointment with your local USICS office. My notice said EAD takes 30 to 90 days to process.

    - Jesse
  7. gringo

    gringo Registered Users (C)

    How about walk in?

    Gracias Jesse!

    One more question if you don't mind. I read here that many were able to just walk in to an ASC without a FP notice. Some were successful and some were not. Do you advise attempting a walk-in FP or wait for the notice? What happens if you succesfully walk in and the notice comes later? Also, I tried to call the 1-800 number to schedule an appointment but they told me to wait until I receive formal letter from USCIS asking me to call. Others here said that they were able to obtain an appointment from the 1-800 number with just the receipt notice. Thanks again for your help!
  8. Jesse_t

    Jesse_t Registered Users (C)

    Gringo, you may attempt a walk-in at your local office, and chances are you will probably be able to get your biometrics done. However, if USICS has already scheduled your biometrics appointment (a good possibility since they have less than a 3 month window to do so), you will need to go back when you get your real appointment in the mail. I would not advice to disregard your real appointment even if you've already done the biometrics.

    Personally, I will wait for my biometrics notice in the mail. I do not want to open up any can of worms by taking it upon myself to get my biometrics done and later get the USCIS biometrics notice in the mail.

    I think USICS is trying to combine the EAD biometrics and AOS fingeprinting/biometrics into one.

    - Jesse
  9. gringo

    gringo Registered Users (C)

    Sounds like a reasonable thing to do.

    Thanks a lot Jesse. This is what I was leaning towards as well. I will keep everyone here posted with developments. Also, my attorney said that because the San Antonio office is so fast to schedule interviews, sometimes the FP appt arrives after the interview, in which case they do not approve the I-485 at the interview but rather after FP are cleared.
  10. sanjanar2001

    sanjanar2001 Registered Users (C)

    Gringo..please keep your time line updated as my DO will be San antonio.DO we need lawyer? U thinmk lawyer helps?..thanks
  11. k1_visa

    k1_visa Registered Users (C)

    i ve never received the biometric appointment notice.
  12. Jesse_t

    Jesse_t Registered Users (C)

    Looks like you've done the fingerprinting thou. Did your initial notice tell you to wait for a bometrics notice? If so, how did you get the fingerprinting done?

    I've thought of calling the 1-800 number and/or simply heading to my local USCIS office to get the biometrics done, but then what would happen when I receive the real notice in the mail? I would need to head back to the USCIS office. It's just not worth the risk of not showing up for a USCIS appointment.
  13. k1_visa

    k1_visa Registered Users (C)

    Yes, i have my fingerprints taken. I did a Walk In, and ive never receive the FP appointment letter even though the NOA states that i have to wait for my biometric notice.

    In case that ill receive in the future the FP Appointement letter, ill just plan to show up at that place and tell that i have already taken my FP.-

    I know i am not following the " legal' way becouse i didnt wait for the FP notice but i just think im speeding up my case. Maybe i might be wrong, i dont know, but i was tired of waiting the Appointment Notice for my Bio so i decided to take action.

    good luck! :)
  14. vandelay

    vandelay Registered Users (C)

    Hey guys, just to give you an update... I finally got the biometrics appointment letter!! Good timing - I was about to attempt my second walk-in this week (I was turned away the first time). My RD is Aug 5th and my appointment is for September 27th in Miami.

    Just hang on everyone and good luck. I'll keep updating you with other noteworthy events in the processing of my case.

  15. Jesse_t

    Jesse_t Registered Users (C)

    thanks for the update Vandelay.
  16. piyalove

    piyalove Registered Users (C)

    What is your timeline?

    Hi vandelay,
    What is your timeline? Please share!
    07 Mar 2005 : Arrived in USA on B1/B2 Visa (6 months stay)
    13 Apr 2005 : Married my Piya in Dallas
    05 Jun 2005 : Scheduled appointment with DORA @ infopass
    25 July 2005: Appointment @ DORA Dallas
    25 July 2005 : (Day 01) Forms submitted @ DORA Dallas
    25 July 2005 : (Day 01) Interview for 5 minutes
    29 July 2005 : (Day 05) NOA Processed - I-485
    29 July 2005 : (Day 05) NOA Processed - I-130
    01 Aug 2005 : (Day 08) Received NOA - I-485
    01 Aug 2005 : (Day 08) Received NOA - I-130
    24 Sept 2005 : (Day 62) FP/Bio Appointment - NOT NEEDED NOW!
    02 Aug 2005 : (Day 09) Walk-in FP/Bio Done @ Dallas ASC
    02 Aug 2005 : (Day 09) FP/Bio Received
    04 Aug 2005 : (Day 09) AOS Processing started
  17. RareGold

    RareGold Registered Users (C)

    Good for you! My ND is August 11 and I am still waiting for biometrics appointment letter in middle of October. :confused: I am in Fl, my DO is Tampa.
    Good luck.
  18. hbr11

    hbr11 Registered Users (C)

    Is there anyone who was able to successfully do a walk-in FP at San Jose ASC?
  19. hbr11

    hbr11 Registered Users (C)

    I tried doing a FP walk-in today, but they were not doing anything without the interview appointment letter. Also, that letter seems to have some barcode thing on it, which they were scanning for others. So it probably makes sense to wait for it anyway. (This is the San Jose ASC. Others might be doing it differently)

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