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How long FBI clearance takes to be ready

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by pscl, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. pscl

    pscl Registered Users (C)

    Dear DV2007 winners,

    It would be so great, if those who have passed their interviews could inform us that how long they have been waiting for their FBI clearances. Also, I'll be grateful, if those who have received their clearances write how long their clearances took to be ready.

  2. Temi

    Temi Registered Users (C)


    Also, can anyone tell me is there any difference between FBI clearance and Finger Prints.And how long does finger prints use to take before the result comes out .
  3. hmbv20

    hmbv20 Registered Users (C)

    Hi pscl
    About us,our security clearance announced after 15 weeks.
  4. casawi4ever

    casawi4ever Registered Users (C)

    adminstrative proccesing at washington ???

    hi every body :) can any one here give me information about adminsistratif processing at washington i come from north africa and i passed the interview at XX octobre2006 my case number is 2007AF0000034XX.
    Please if any1 know information and how many time took this processse ....tell me
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  5. pscl

    pscl Registered Users (C)

    Are you sure? if it is right, I won't have any chance of getting G.C. because after interview I will have about 3 months to pass FBI ckeck :(
  6. erfan

    erfan Registered Users (C)

    good new for Pscl

    I have a good new for Pscl
    for case number 2007AS3443 the interview was 2/13/2007 11:00:00 see http://turkey.usembassy.gov/schedule_dv.html
    and now in http://turkey.usembassy.gov/immigrant_security.html it has been announced 2007AS3443 29-Aug-07 today is 2/21/2007 just after 7 days this case number has been cheked for FBI check
  7. pscl

    pscl Registered Users (C)

  8. bs 2007

    bs 2007 Registered Users (C)


    salam be hame
    in khili dire ke in shomare baraye 6 mahe digeseda zade shode baraye mosahebey dovom,age injori bashe shomare haye balatar az in shomare be september mikeshe va dige file DV baste mishe,khili bad shod kee!!!
  9. erfan

    erfan Registered Users (C)

    na na, in expire dateshe. be mahze inke shomare ru bultan elam mishe mituni beri baraye mosahebeye dovvom vali ye expire date ham dare. In case number dorost bad az 1 hafte shomarash e;am shode.
  10. k1ng_roy

    k1ng_roy Registered Users (C)

    :confused: :confused: :confused:

    In English, please....!!!
  11. J&G

    J&G Registered Users (C)

    yes in english please as we are also candidate from Asia ;) ;)
  12. gr8ideaman

    gr8ideaman Registered Users (C)

    Dear friends k1ng_roy & J&G my friend BS_2007 thought that the date on the security clearence table on Ankara(US Embassy) website is the date for going to ankara US Embassy but the other friend erfan told him that it is the expiration date and once(whenever before expiration and of course before the end of fiscal yaer) you see your number you must go to the Embassy.
    that's the all words in persian
    hope it helps the asian friends:)
  13. bs 2007

    bs 2007 Registered Users (C)

    Hi All
    Sorry for that,i should type in english.
    Thank you gr8ideaman for that.
    But its also a question for me,if the number announce in security clearance web site but next of that shows for example 2007AS2646 27-Sep-07
    this case can go to embassy now or it must wait until september???
    actually we pray for you gr8ideaman,and we are waiting for good news from you.
    Thank you All
    We are waiting for current position!!
  14. pscl

    pscl Registered Users (C)

    The date you mentioned (27-Sep-07) is expire date. After you passed the interview, you can go to the embassy for visa whenever your background check is ready.
  15. bs 2007

    bs 2007 Registered Users (C)

    Hi All

    Dear frienads
    Thank you,This is a very good thing.
    Thank you pscl and erfan.

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