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How Long Does It Take to Process Your UK Visa in Manila, Philippines?

Discussion in 'UK- Visiting, Living in, Moving to or Moving From' started by UKMigration, Apr 29, 2010.

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    How Long Does It Take to Process Your UK Visa in Manila, Philippines?

    If you are Filipino and plan to travel to the UK, you can apply for a visa in Manila within the three months prior to travelling, because the UK Border Agency can only post-date visas by a maximum of three months from the decision date on its visa application. However, there are visas that cannot be post-dated.

    You can arrive in the UK anytime after your visa’s issue date, never before, hence, be careful not to confirm your travel plans to the country until you have your visa approved and delivered.

    The processing time for your visa begins to count once the staff at the UK Border Agency has received your application, and it varies according to the type of visa you are applying for.

    The UK Border Agency advises you to wait until your visa is approved and issued to buy a non-refundable and non-flexible ticket to the UK.

    The Agency will not assume responsibility for any financial loss, and it doesn’t expedite visa-processing times just because you have decided to travel on a certain date.

    It is important that you check the announcements the UK Border Agency publishes on the local website run by its commercial partner <vfs-uk-ph.com> in Manila, Philippines.

    Following is a chart that shows the average processing times of UK visa applications received in Manila during January 2010; however, these times are not guaranteed. Visa applications are evaluated individually, and every person’s circumstances are unique, thus, the processing time may vary accordingly.

    TO SEE THE CART, PLEASE VISIT ukmigrationlawyers.co.uk/blog/index.php/how-long-does-it-take-to-process-your-uk-visa-in-manila-philippines

    Processing times are given in working days, not including weekends and public holidays, and they are calculated from the day the visa application centre received your biometric data, visa application form, and supporting documents.

    For more information or guidance, contact your immigration lawyer in the UK right away.

    Please note that these articles and the information contained herein are purely for general guidance and do not constitute a professional legal or any other opinion as to the merits of a particular application or whether specific immigration requirements have been met of a particular category. This information is generic and should not be relied upon as a definitive guide to fulfilling specific category requirements. However should any individual do so it is at his or her own risk for which UK Migration Lawyers Limited cannot be held responsible in any way.

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    well it really depend on each individual, from what i've heard getting a UK Visa is not that easy

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    visa apply

    how long does it takes a filipino citezen to apply visa in United Kingdom?
  4. cecilemaulanin

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    visa concerned

    is it possible that the non working settlement visa will process twelve working days?

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