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how long can an am. citizen reside in another country?

Discussion in 'US Citizenship' started by jazper_28, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. jazper_28

    jazper_28 New Member

    im an amercian ciziten. im currently in manila, philippines and i would like to know how long i can stay here. for an immigrant i know u can only stay for example in manila for a maximun of 6 mo. as far as being as a citizen now..how long can i stay here? can i stay here for as long as i want?or is it only for a yr? thanx alot. hope to here some responses.
  2. boatbod

    boatbod Registered Users (C)

    I'm going to break your question down into two parts:-

    Q. How long can a USC reside abroad?
    A. Indefinitely

    Q. How long can a non-citizen reside in the Philippines?
    A. Don't know. Was an exit date stamped in your passport when you arrived?
  3. jazper_28

    jazper_28 New Member

    indefinitely??r u sure? i can stay here in manila for as long as i want? how do u know this? just to make sure
  4. baikal3

    baikal3 Registered Users (C)

    Yes, absolutely, as a U.S. citizen you can stay abroad as long as you want.
    There are no restrictions of any kind.

    However, as a U.S. citizen you still have to file a U.S. income tax on your worldwide income.
  5. Superstring

    Superstring Registered Users (C)

    Agree. However, boatbod, my gut feeling is that jazper_28 is really interested in part 2 of your question - non-citizen residing in Philipines......

    Jazper_28 can you clarify your question? Are you interested in the answer from the point of view of US government (US law) or Philippines' government?
  6. boatbod

    boatbod Registered Users (C)

    Yup, exactly my thoughts, but since his original thread title was "how long can an am. citizen reside in another country" I figured I could at least answer that portion of the Q.
  7. japs

    japs Registered Users (C)

    Jazper 28,
    I think the below link to via the State Department website should help clarify your question. http://manila.usembassy.gov/wwwha006.html

    Quick summary: US citizen visiting Philippines for less than 21 days does not need a visa. If stay is longer than 21 days then a visa is needed and I would imagine that the length of stay would be governed by the duration of the visa.

    Good Luck!!
  8. BR2006

    BR2006 Registered Users (C)

    Please clarify the IT question

    Could you please elaborate your below statement? Thanks in advance.

    "However, as a U.S. citizen you still have to file a U.S. income tax on your worldwide income."

    For example, if I move back to India and start earning Indian Rupees equivalent to $20,000 in India, what are my tax implications? Will I not be paying IT in India? Do I have to pay to IRS too? Isn't it double taxation?
  9. sg_orl

    sg_orl Registered Users (C)

    U.S. Citizen can live anywhere they want for any duration, as long as the country they are residing gives them appropriate visas or exemption from visas. Just remember, as a U.S. Citizen you always have to file U.S. income taxes on your worldwide income!!!
  10. boatbod

    boatbod Registered Users (C)

    Regardless of where you are in the world, a US citizen is legally required to file a tax return (including worldwide income) with the IRS. If the country in which you reside has a tax treaty with the US, you may not owe additional taxes (e.g. the UK) however I have no knowledge of Indian tax laws or treaties, so you probably want to consult an accountant.
  11. jazper_28

    jazper_28 New Member

    sorry my topic is a little confusing. IAM an american citizen, i would like to stay here in the philippines for a while. i have a house here, im curious as to whether there is a limitation as to how long i can stay here n then would have to go back to the states. or im i entitled to stay here in the philippines for as long as i want to
  12. boatbod

    boatbod Registered Users (C)

    Unless you also (also) a Philipines citizen, the length of time you can stay will be dictated by the Philipino immigration authorities - presumably very dependent on the visa you used to enter the country.
  13. japs

    japs Registered Users (C)

    India and US have a tax treaty which prevents double taxation. Your income earned in India will be taxed in India but you are required to file a US tax return as well. Do some research on the IRS website to see if you qualify.

    Good Luck!!
  14. takadigi

    takadigi Registered Users (C)

    Yes, definitely - as long as you are not violating the immigration requirements of the country you are living in. The constraints is not from the US but from the country you are living in.

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