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How long can a Canadian visitor stay in USA?

Discussion in 'Any Topic' started by mrmagoo, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. mrmagoo

    mrmagoo Registered Users (C)

    Is it still 6 months for every year?

    Can you return and go back or do you actually have to wait 6 more months before returning?

    What if you go to USA every second month so it's spread over 12 months?

    Any links?

  2. Canuckgirl

    Canuckgirl Registered Users (C)

    Hi there,

    I am definitely not an expert of a lawyer but I am a Canadian. My knowledge is that Canadians are allowed to visit the USA, without a visa for UP TO six months at a time and vice versa. I have no knowledge of there being a restriction of the six month visit being only once per year, if anyone knows otherwise please advise.

    From what I know other people have done in the past, you can literally cross the border back into Canada one day and then cross over into the USA the next and your six month term renews intself.

    Also up until this year you could travel to the USA without even a passport. If you didn't know, as of January 23rd (I think..date could be off)any travel to the USA (even from Canada) by air or sea requires a passport. By land you can still enter the US with a birth certficate and drivers license.

    I received this information from both the Canadian Immigration services and the USA over telephone and the internet.
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