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How long are recommendation letter valid

Discussion in 'National Interest Waiver and EB1' started by faraleena, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. faraleena

    faraleena New Member

    I planned to apply under NIW and received all my recommendation letters by August 2011. As I left my job in July, I thought it would not be good time to submit my application and I delayed the submission. Now I want to submit my application but few recommendation letters are 8 month old. Can I use these letters if I want to submit my application by this month? It will be highly appreciable if you help me out.


  2. BigJoe5

    BigJoe5 Registered Users (C)

    The issue you worry about could be a problem IF you have ceased to sustain influence completely after that. Approval of any NIW is reliant on prospects for future contributions based on past success BUT if you have become irrelevant and anachronistic you have less of a chance. In your case (or any case), I have to question your qualifications simply because it has not been 8 months since August. Did you express your question in a hurry or are you just bad at math?

    Just kidding. I realize that you have collected letters over a period of time where the OLDEST is 8 months old now and the most recent is from late July or in August 2011. HOWEVER, a professional with an advanced degree or of exceptional ability who is seeking the extra benefit of a national interest waiver must not be unclear or make such mistakes in their submission to USCIS.

    Please see: http://www.slideshare.net/BigJoe5/critique-of-vov-21-2011-niw-aao-sustained-appeal-12152011 and Good luck.
  3. faraleena

    faraleena New Member

    Thanks for your suggestion. I have one more question to ask you. I am currently on H4 status. Am I eligible to apply for NIW?

  4. BigJoe5

    BigJoe5 Registered Users (C)

    Filing a visa petition is OK. However, I think you are really asking if you can file for adjustment. EB-2 is current except for India and China.

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