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How Get Work Visa to Canada from INDIA without High Skills ?

Discussion in 'Employment in Canada' started by goodthings110, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. goodthings110

    goodthings110 New Member

    How Get Work Visa to Canada from INDIA without High Skills ?
    I am Indian Citizen with valid Indian Passport.
    I want to apply for a Work Visa to Canada from India.
    How is it possible if I dont have High Skills ?
    My qualifications are a Degree in Commerce (but not completed...).
    My experiences are working as a Manager in a Foreign Money Exchange Company during 7 years in Bangalore, INDIA.
    I have many awards from American Express for having retrieving false Traveler Cheques, and I have great expertize in manipulating Foreign Currencies, and checking false notes.
    I could work in any Financial Transactions Company in Canada, like Money Exchange (good english), like Banks, like Financial Analysts, Accountants, American Express Branch, Thomas Cook Branch, Western Union Branch, Money Gram Branch, otherwise, any others jobs, etc...
    Can you help me ?
    What are your advices ?
    Do I have any chances ? How ?
  2. puvathoor

    puvathoor Registered Users (C)

    The best way for you to get a work / resident visa in Canada is to Marry a Canadian !!!

    Love is over-rated and temporary anyways.. Permanent residency is, as the name implies, PERMANENT !!! :)

    Seriously speaking, you can still see whether you qualify for a federak skilled worker program (I would think this would be tough since you don't have a degree)..

    Or.. the other option for you is to start applying for jobs in Canada in your field and see whether any employer is willing to sponsor your work visa..

    good luck
  3. abhuda

    abhuda Registered Users (C)

    It is easier to complete education in India. First you finish your commerce degree by attendng night classes or distant education, taking examinatios (private) without attending college. You just need degree not a higer class /grade/marks. I guess there will be many opportunities in Bangalore to do this. This will help you in a long run.

    After your BCom degree, do some diploma or degree in computer/finance management.

    Then apply for Canadian immigrtion. We do not understand value of education in India. However, it is very tough to take highe education in US/Canada. Lot of fee ad hard work is needed.
  4. nspatel86

    nspatel86 New Member

    How to apply work permit in canada for IT/computer professional of indian

    i am it professional from india.
    i want to work in canada so please give me details for the work-visa process.
  5. Tyler Carey

    Tyler Carey New Member

    What are the VISA policies for working in Canada? Did anyone get any job offers?

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