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How does one prove his good moral characters to USCIS when applying for citizenship?

Discussion in 'Life After The Green Card' started by AmericanWannabe, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. AmericanWannabe

    AmericanWannabe Registered Users (C)

    USCIS said the burden of proof is on the shoulder of an applicant.
    But it seems only thing one does is to hope one does not have
    some criminal records, which is not affirmative way for proof.

    I wonder if one can domument his own good deeds and collect them
    and present documentation with the application pacakges.

    The examples: if one donate to charities, one can get all recepts
    and submit thme with the application.

    If one find he gets more changes than should when shopping,
    one return the money to teh store and ask teh store manage
    to write a commendation letter and submit such a letter
    with teh application.

    If one does something gallant, like help others, one should
    ask recipients of such assistance to write commendation letters
    to USCIS too.

    etc and etc.

    But if you these, would USCIS say you are just showing off
    and solely do these in order to prove you have a good moral characters?

    Well, if they do accuse you of showing off, you can retorrt by saying
    "Hey, it is you who want to me to prove my good moral chacrater!"
  2. pv1976

    pv1976 Registered Users (C)

    Well...USCIS is mostly referring to (1) having no criminal backgrounds (2) pay taxes and (3) obey law.
    In addition, you could claim that you would make a good citizen by making occasional charitable contributions, providing communal services and giving time for volunteering at non-profit organizations. You can devot time at Red-cross, local health centers, child care centers etc and get letters proving them.

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