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How can i bring my girlfriend over to the US?

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by villa, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. villa

    villa Registered Users (C)

    I am a greencard holder who is just barely a year in the US.Right now I am strongly contemplating on how i can bring my girlfriend over as the wait is really killing us.What other options do I have to bring her over apart from the normal five years wait?We can't just wait till that five years.
  2. NuvF

    NuvF Member

    US govt do not care how desperate you are to be together 'cos you ARE NOT together in a UNION !!
    So the first step is MARRY HER ! (you wasted 1 yr already, but you say you're desperate!)

    Well, if marriage is not an option then too bad, she is on her own. There are a LOT of other visa types she can apply (provided she qualifies to apply) on her own to get to US and stay long term. (F1,H1, L, P etc.)

    Who said you have to wait 5 years?

    Had you married her beginning of last year and had started the GC FB-2A category approach, you may have had already got a pending GC application for her. (they fast fwd FB-2A s last year, now its too late 'cos that category retrogressed again back to 2008)

    But it may again speed up, so the best starting point to be together is to get together first and start FB-2A approach.
    'cos you have to first get an approved i-130, that approval date determines when she could apply for GC.

    And if you have no clue what FB2A is, its time for you to go talk to a good imm. lawyer.
    FB approach is better taken with a lawyer advise in any case.

    Best !

    Yes it is i-130, not 131. Thanks Joe!
    btw, for FB2A you are best served in the 'Family GC Forum'
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  3. BigJoe5

    BigJoe5 Registered Users (C)

    NuvF meant I-130, Petition for Alien Relative.

    AFTER you marry, file an I-130 in the FB-2A category, spouse of an LPR. That may take 3+ years to become "current" on the Visa Bulletin. IF you naturalize later, you can "upgrade" the petition by submitting a copy of your Naturalization Certificate and a copy of the I-130 receipt or approval notice to either USCIS (if still pending) or NVC if already transferred there.

    You have already wasted time and missed a golden opportunity. Don't continue to wait needlessly. What is your immigration code on your greencard? Could you two have married before you got LPR status, making her a dependent spouse OR would marriage have disqualified you from a greencard?
  4. villa

    villa Registered Users (C)

    If she comes with F1 can i marry her?
  5. samuel5028

    samuel5028 Banned

  6. villa

    villa Registered Users (C)

    Thanks boss
  7. bentlebee

    bentlebee Registered Users (C)

    You can marry her if you love her ...nobody will keep you from that. If it gives her a GC...I don't think so. You have to wait 5 years to sponsor your wife since you are not a citizen.
  8. villa

    villa Registered Users (C)

    Okay....I am thinking of of bringing her in with a student visa and marry her when I naturalize.But in the event she is denied the student visa and unable to come into the country,can I still file fiance or spouse visa for her tomorrow when I become a citizen?
  9. bentlebee

    bentlebee Registered Users (C)

    Any denial has to be reported on any future application and is in the system...Why do you even think she might be denied?

    Does she have a criminal offense in her past...that will mean "denial"...otherwise people don't get denied for no reason.
  10. villa

    villa Registered Users (C)

    No,she has no criminal record.I was only trying to look at the other side of the coin because I don't want to jeopardize her chances of joining me here since when I become a citizen her possibility of getting an immigrant visa is 99%.So I don't want to trade that at all.
  11. bentlebee

    bentlebee Registered Users (C)

    The only way to bring her over at that time is when you are married....girlfriends aren't considered "anything" on the scale of ranking when it comes to family relation.

    So start planning...lol
  12. villa

    villa Registered Users (C)

    That's what i am saying that I hope she won't be denied fiance or spouse visa when I marry her and file for her in the case she is denied student visa because not everybody gets student visa in my country.I am being optimistic and prayerful though.

    Secondly,if she comes into the country through a university,can she switch into a community college maybe after her first semester at the university?Because community college would be cheaper for us going by the fact that she won't be eligible for financial aid.Is that possibly?That is,will the university that gave her the I-20 through which she got the visa allow her to switch to another school?
  13. bentlebee

    bentlebee Registered Users (C)

    Yes she can switch but she still will be a Foreign student paying the highest rate. To be considered In State you need to have proof (several different bills, ins. etc.) that she is living there for at least 1 year and some schools require 2 years.

    Even with a Greencard they require the proof. I know from a family member who had this.

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