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Herguan going down next

Discussion in 'Tri-Valley University and Related Issues' started by Jo1234, Aug 2, 2012.

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  2. Jo1234

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  4. Pavankishore198

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    Please suggest -- Reinstatement or new admission


    I'm an employee working on h1 visa in Virgina. My brother recently graduated from Herguan University and was approved OPT for the practical training .Yesterday, I heard the news of ICE revoking the SEVP approval for Herguan University, which resulted in termination of status for its non immigrant students. He has five years of Visa approved for Northwest Missouri State University. Please advise what options are available for him to continue his legal stay in United States. Can he reenter USA with new i-20 issued by accredited university or choose a university that accepts transfer and file a reinstatement?
  5. Jo1234

    Jo1234 Registered Users (C)

    So, he signed up with Missouri State, and then immediately transferred to this fraud Herguan???
    What was he thinking? He obviously was an active participant in the fraud.

    To your questions:
    First, he didn't graduate from Herguan.
    Herguan never was accredited, so all he did was paying lots of money for a worthless piece of paper.
    Why in the world did he even sign up with Herguan? After the TVU raid, it should have been obvious to everybody that signing up with unaccredited diploma mills is a bad idea.
    Second, he basically destroyed his future in the US by going to Herguan.
    Third, he will have to leave the country.
    Fourth, he will have a very hard time getting any visa to the US, be it F1 or H1, because the Herguan stuff is in his file forever, and the officers at the consulate will grill him about why he went to this obvious fraud.

    So, the best for him would probably be to seek employment outside the US.
    Oh, and absolutely no real university in the US will accept a transfer from a non-accredited diploma mill.
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  6. Jo1234

    Jo1234 Registered Users (C)

    While SEVP for now has rescinded the withdrawal notice (http://www.ice.gov/sevis/alerts/herguan.htm), he needs to get out of Herguan ASAP.
    Herguan will go under, and this is his last chance to avoid going under with them.
    He should leave the country, and apply at a real, accredited university if he wants to study.
    He will have to start over from scratch, because Herguan is not accredited, and he can't use the fake Herguan "degree" anywhere.
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