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Help needed wtih Prepaid shipping label for OCI...

Discussion in 'Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) Issues' started by chaitanya2011, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. chaitanya2011

    chaitanya2011 Registered Users (C)

    Hi Friends!

    I am applying for my OCI and am in a bit of confusion here since both UPS and fedex want me to open an account to print out a prepaid shipping label to send to travisa, and yet after doing so, the instructions are not clear and needless to say, I am perplexed and frustrated.

    Could someone with experience on this label lafda, PLS walk me thorugh as to what is the best and the simplest way to get one of these printed? Go the route of UPS, FEDEX or USPS?

    Dhanyawaad in advance!

  2. idk

    idk Registered Users (C)

    Instructions for FedEx label.

    1. Create a FedEx account at FedEx.com. All this does is that it creates a account # which is mapped to your credit card # and billing info.

    2. Pick up a AirBill from a FedEx location like Kinkos, now called FedEx office or your office mail supply room. Fill the AirBill with information, in the bill to section use your FedEx account #, generated in step 1.
    This is a hand written pre paid FedEx label.
  3. chaitanya2011

    chaitanya2011 Registered Users (C)

    idk, thanks for your quick reply, but I thought AirBill is a no-no based on what the instructions say to NOT do: "Do not provide an airbill using your cc info. travisa will not generate shipping labels or airbills for you and passports cannot be shpped using your cc info". Sorry to sound dense but I feel completely confuzzled!
  4. idk

    idk Registered Users (C)

    AirBill is the same thing as a prepaid bill, the only difference is that you are filling in the details by hand instead of printing the prepaid label from your FedEx account.

    If one does not wish to create a FedEx account, you could choose to ship using your 16 digit credit card # filled in the AirBill's bill to section. That is what Travisa objects to.

    So to comply with the Travisa requirement, you will have to use the FedEx account # in the bill to section. This is exactly what I had did.

    http://fedex.com/ca_english/shippingguide/preparedocuments/international/intlairwaybill.html Look for instruction under 8a at this URL location.

    Lastly, I just specified the easiest way to get a FedEx prepaid shipping label. I am certain that other posters will weigh in saying USPS prepaid is the easiest way to go.
  5. SHJ

    SHJ Registered Users (C)

    Steps if you choose Vendor (UPS) for Prepaid Shipping label..

    1. Create a UPS Account (if you dont have one).
    2. Under 'My UPS Profile' you can setup payement to one of your Credit cards.
    3. Choose options - Shipping > Create Return > .. fill up all information .
    (Section 4. Label Delivery Method - Select ' PRINT AND MAIL RETURN LABEL'from the various options.)
    NOTE : the Company Name for your return Package is Travisa and the Return Address is your Residence to get the pkg back.)
    4. At the completion of the record, you have the option to PRINT the Shipping Return label, and Mailed with your Documents to Travisa.

    As the payment is directly to your UPS account, an no credit card information is on the Shipping label - this method is safe/acceptable.

    TIP : Good idea to document your Travisa Application Order ID# in the 'Merchandise Information' description column, which is also printed on the Shipping Label.
    This would prompt the Travisa staff to ensure they line up the pkg contents correctly.

    Hope this is helpful.
  6. chaitanya2011

    chaitanya2011 Registered Users (C)

    thanks to idk and SHJ for the help! SHJ, I am taking the UPS route since atleast imo, it seems more user-freiendly than fedex. I am almost done with inputting the info for the return laebl, but am wondering which option I should select under "Packaging Types". There are 3 types of UPS Express Boxes, UPS PAK, UPS tube, UPS letter and then, "other packaging", so should I select other packaging since I don't know what kind of return packaging material travisa might use?

    Secondly is it better to choose the return speed of 2nd Day, 3rd day or the regular ground? Thanks so much!!
  7. idk

    idk Registered Users (C)

    Travisa will use the standard envelope(approx 8 1/2 * 11 )mailer. For FedEx this is called FedEx envelope. For UPS it is probably the UPS letter.

    Would suggest going for the 2nd day, the money you save by electing the ground option is not worth the hassle.

    I would also recommend checking the signature required option, which would ensure that the UPS mailer is only released/delivered when signed for.
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  8. SHJ

    SHJ Registered Users (C)

    UPS Letter , and I've used UPS 2nd day Air (should be delivered by End of Business). If you want it earlier you may choose - UPS 2nd Day Air AM (10:30am delivery).
  9. JPBoston

    JPBoston Registered Users (C)

    Do you guys also submit the actual FedEx/UPS envelopes along with the prepaid label? Or do you just only send the prepaid label with the OCI application and Travisa selects the appropriate return envelope for the return of docs?
  10. SHJ

    SHJ Registered Users (C)

    Just the prepaid label.

    Infact, when Travisa send my Indian Passport/Renunciation back they used a ordinary brown envelope ( and not a UPS letter) and pasted the UPS prepaid label i had send earlier. It made it back just fine.
  11. JPBoston

    JPBoston Registered Users (C)

    Good to know, thanks!
  12. chaitanya2011

    chaitanya2011 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks again guys! Appreciate all the help you have provided me during this stressful time!
  13. sanket_82

    sanket_82 Registered Users (C)

    I didnt wanted to take a chance so I've actually included a Fedex envelope also
  14. KAT02

    KAT02 Registered Users (C)

    One prepaid shipping label for all applicants?

    Guys, thanks for all the tips regarding the prepaid label. Few questions:

    (1) Does travisa require one label per applicant or one per family? I am applying for myself and spouse for OCI + SC.

    (2) Are cancelled PPs, new PPs with U-Visa sticker and OCI cards all returned in one envelope? Again, are these returned separately for each applicant?

  15. quizzer25

    quizzer25 Registered Users (C)

    UPS prepaid envelop instead of shipping label

    I read in travisa site that prepaid envelop ($21 or so for a single pp) can be sent instead of shipping label. Has anyone tried this?

  16. rpinto779

    rpinto779 Registered Users (C)

    Follow up on OCI - Travisa


    I am hoping you can help me. I would like to know what worked for you regarding the prepaid labels
    a) Did you send an envelope and a return label or just the return label?
    b) Did you use UPS?
    c) If you used UPS how did you pay? Did they bill you or did you use your credit card? I see there is an option to pay by credit card but I am not sure if the credit card will show on the airbill which Travisa says is should not

    Please let me know

  17. milli

    milli Registered Users (C)

    I have used fedex but not sure about ups. Create an fedex account using your credit card and you can then generate shipping labels. Just include the printed shipping label with your documents. Also keep a copy of it like your other documents. Travisa would use their own envelope and stick the shipping label on it.
  18. usinsuser99

    usinsuser99 Registered Users (C)

    Dear members.,

    I totally confused about mail mechanism of OCI process.

    Please help me out as following questions,

    1) Simply go to the USPS give the Travisa address,
    then they will send right way right?
    For return postage , add prepaid envelope with (some value) to OCI application

    Is it work? , Travisa should not allow handwriting on envelops ?
    what about Fedex not allow cridite card # ?

    2) Can you explain air bill ?

    3) can I print 2 shipping labels one for sending and 2nd one for receiving, with what postage value.
    4) suppose we are going for Fedex what are the steps can i follow.
    5) suppose Iam going for UPS , what are the steps can i follow.
    6) how to calculate the value of labels,

    7) total fee for myself + wife + 17 years kid + 12 years kid of OCI application + renunciation
    take single money order , payable to "Travisa Outsource"

    8) If we are going for UPS, can you clear me as following questions

    1 Where is this return shipment coming from?

    Travisa India Outsourcing
    Attention: OCI Mail Department - (9 Digit Application Id)
    11 East 47th Street 2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10017

    2 Where is this return shipment going to?

    My home address

    3 What are you returning? Which one I will choose ?

    3.1) Package type

    UPS Express Box - Small
    UPS Express Box - Medium
    UPS Express Box - Large
    UPS Tube
    Other Packing
    UPS Letter

    3.2) Package Declared value : -- ??

    Merchandise Description: -----

    4 How would you like to return?

    Service : which one I will choose ?

    UPS Next Day Air
    UPS 2nd Day Air
    UPS 3rd Day
    UPS ground

    Label Delivery Method:

    1 UPS Pickup Attempt
    Print And Mail Return Label
    Electronic Return Label
    3 UPS Pickup Attempts
    Print Return Label

    5 Would you like to add reference numbers to this return shipment? (optional)

    6) How would you like to pay?

    Bill Shipping Charges to :

    Use Another UPS Shipper Account
    Bill Another Third Party

    Associate a Shipper's UPS Account

    Use Another UPS Shipper Account

    Account Name

    Thanks in advance.,
    Good luck for all members.

  19. milli

    milli Registered Users (C)


    You can print shipping labels for outgoing and also for return envelopes. Just reverse the addresses for the return shipping label. Even if incorrect weight is specified Fedex will adjust the charges to your account since they have your credit card on file. If you need insurance you can specify declared value(> $100). I believe fedex packages are insured up to $100 at no extra cost. You may want to choose "My Packaging" to keep the cost down(You can use Fedex ground only if you use your own packaging).
  20. usinsuser99

    usinsuser99 Registered Users (C)

    Thank you milli.,

    I partially cleared, if chance can you explain little further,
    I would greatly appreciate your help.

    Please guide me, FedEx setup for getting the print the labels.

    1) http://www.fedex.com/us/
    2) click on Register Now ?
    3) once click on Register Now got following info

    Choose the account option that meets your needs

    a) Open a FedEx account
    b) Use my account online
    c) Get user ID only

    Here which one is iam going to choose from a, or b or c

    4) I heard Trivasa people given following instruction
    If using a FedEx label, do not use a credit card number when filling out the billing information on the label.
    You must provide a pre-paid air bill or provide a valid FedEx account number.

    Can you explain little further for question 4

    5) total cost for OCI + renouncing (myself + wife + 17 years kid + 12 years kid)

    Thank you once again.


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